It’s coming up fast. That moment the kids get dressed up in silly or scary costumes, carrying a sack or bucket in hand to go trolling door to door to obtain the ultimate prize — handfuls of delicious candy.

As a parent who worries about sugar being of its reaction on my son with special needs, my teen dealing with break-outs right now, not to mention the dental bills I know will crop up later because let’s face it — the sugar monsters just love Halloween!  I’ve been looking for an alternative to candy treats.

Popcorn – Always a good choice. It’s healthy and kids love it. Not sure how parents would feel about making it and bagging it to hand out. However, you can buy small bags of microwave popcorn kids can make later to enjoy.

Animal Crackers – Yummy and taste good, most made with vegetable oil and low sodium. These tasty snacks are a way better alternative than some big chocolate bar.

Granola Bars – A great choice instead of candy to hand out to the kids. They come in a variety of flavors including my favorite, peanut butter!

How about stuff for school?  Instead of handing out candy, kids love getting funky pencils and erasers, sharpeners or rulers for school. You can visit the local dollar store and pick up handfuls of smelly erasers and cool looking school stuff the kids are sure to love.

Halloween Tattoos – Another great and fun option to add to a Halloween treat bag.  Like stickers, tattoos are just fun and kids love wearing them. Just make sure you rub them off before school starts and they are non-toxic without dyes in order to enjoy them.

Fruit Snacks – What kid doesn’t love gummies that are filled with real fruit. A great choice is Sun-Rype or Welches made with no dyes and not high in the sugar area.

No matter what you choose to hand out for Halloween or choose for your kids to enjoy. Just make sure you have fun and be safe. There are tons of alternatives out there that don’t involve candy suitable to make both parents and kids happy.

What do you give out for treats on Halloween? Share all your secrets below.

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