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Netflix A Year In Review: What Canadians Watched in 2017

It was a busy year for Netflix in our household, and I can honestly say we spent more time together as a family watching stuff than we normally would have because we took the time. Something I hope to continue in the new year. Why was it so busy? Well, there was so much to watch. More than my eyes could handle, and shows my son wanted me to watch with him. Plus shows daddy had on his radar. We actually had to schedule our programming this year just to make time to watch all the stuff we didn’t want to miss.

See what I mean. Lots of shows, right? The Mist was by far one of my favorites I watched this year, along with Slasher. Both kept me on the edge of my seat. Right along with binge-watching Stranger Things so I could make way for part 2 which came out this past October. Oh so much fun!

Of course, there were shows we savored as a family such as  Troll Hunters, which my son made me watch 3 times. Though I can’t say I minded, it’s a great and fun show. Plus it’s nice for us to do something together and enjoy watching something just the two of us. I also managed to pull off a Mom Sneak here and there. Have you done one yet? Oh, you gotta try it.

Speaking of watching stuff over and over. Someone watched Lord of the Rings 361 times in 2017. Now that’s dedication. Canada ranks 2nd globally for the most members to binge Netflix every single day, at least one movie per week.

Not surprising. Why not when you can top, pause and re-watch anything you want over and over, or for the first time at your own convenience. It’s one of the things I love most about being a Netflix member.

Riverdale and Stranger Things were probably the two top shows along with the Blacklist that hubby and I watched the most together in 2017, along with FullerHouse and The Ranch for some laughs. Netflix was there for date night. It was there for Halloween. It was there this past holiday season to help get us into our Christmas Cheer!

Through good times and bad, Netflix was the one constant that kept our family together. When the weather was too cold to go for a walk, or the kids were sick on a weekend, we could always count on Netflix to keep us entertained.

I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait to ring in the New Year and see what Netflix has in store for us. My toes are tingling waiting for Star Wars and more Disney and Pixar shows which I know are coming, along with great new seasons of the shows we’ve grown to love.

What did you watch this past year on Netflix? Share with us below in case we are missing something.

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