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Do Your Kids Fight Over What To Watch On Netflix?

Netflix Stream Team
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Sometimes we get busy and the boys have to share a spot to watch Netflix in the house which can lead to “I wanna watch this…” and “No I don’t wanna see that, it’s for babies.” kinda of words being thrown about. Well, before the tantrums come and fists fly, I’m glad that Netflix has us covered by introducing Sibling Playlists. It’s awesome to have lists of different movies for different ages and categories siblings can pick and choose from because siblings that stream together stay together.

distant agesA Tale of Two Distant Ages is a great playlist for both my 10 year old and 16 year old as it’s not for babies and is loaded with fun, action and adventure both the boys love.

sugarIf one kid is sassy and the other one is sweet, then this playlist geared for perfection with a mix of lego, friends and fun. Check out Sugar and Spice Playlist

meet in the middleAnd if you still can’t decide then Meet in the Middle has something for everyone. Fun, laughter and penguins. I mean who does’t love those silly penguins?

Mom & Dad’s Lists

Since we didn’t want to feel left out of the loop both hubby and I created a list of movies we’d like to share we thought you all might like. I mean we don’t fight over movies, but we do have different tastes. Here’s a few you may have not seen yet.

What does your family like to watch?


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