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Netflix Introduces Interactive Storytelling For Kids

Netflix | Brand Ambassador

When I was a kid, I loved reading these books called “Choose Your Own Adventure” where every twenty or so pages, me, the young reader could decide which direction the story went by choosing an option, always creating amazing journey’s for me to embark on. Well, Netflix had gone and done something similar by putting kids in the director’s chair with their new Interactive Storytelling.

My family and I had the wonderful opportunity to head to Vancouver on the weekend for the Interactive Storytelling Event hosted by Netflix to see what this optional movie watching was all about. Man, I was so excited.

A big kiss to Netflix for inviting us by the way. I hadn’t been to Vancouver in almost a year, and man it was beautiful. The sun was shining and my eleven year old son was in his glory seeing the city busses on electric cables and fast luxurious cars speed through the city streets of Yaletown.

The Event was being held at the Opus Hotel Vancouver . If you need a place to stay, this hotel is beautiful. I got to see one of the rooms, very nice. No, I’m not endorsed to say this either. I just liked how the Hotel looked, very trendy and yet backpackers were comfortable there. The staff was  friendly and it was busy for a smaller hotel located on Davie Street. 

As soon as we got off the elevator we were greeted by our Netflix Team with smiles. Of course, they had the whole room planned for the kids with yummy drinks, sugary treats,  popcorn and crafts so the kids could make stuff while we waited for the show to start and to learn more about this new and innovative form of entertainment from Netflix.

Trace sat back and relaxed while waiting. He made some friends, and some friends from other blogging moms he already knew and had met before. That’s the great thing about blogging. You can spend so much time online chatting with someone and then hug them at a thing like this as though you are family. 

Interactive Storytelling Watch & Learn

I went live on FB to share the event and what Interactive Storytelling is about. So basically the show starts and during the show the kids get to make choices on which direction the story will go. The cool thing I love about this is engagement. Kids aren’t just watching and being slugs on the couch. They are watching and having to decide, basically being the director of the movie.

Why I think Interactive Storytelling from Netflix Rocks!

  • Gets kids interested more in what they are watching
  • Allows them to make choices on the story-line
  • They can go back and choose another direction changing the outcome
  • Multiple endings and story plot ideas. 
  • Fun for the whole family.
  • Parents don’t have to watch the same episodes over and over.

Kids right now can enjoy Interactive Storytelling on Netflix with Puss and Boots Trapped In An Epic Tale . Just use your remote to make decisions, and more episodes and shows are in the works for everyone to enjoy!

After we watched Puss go on his amazing adventures, we were treated to a brunch which was so yummy! I got to walk around, chat with other fellow bloggers, and chat with our amazing Stream Team Crew that help us bring you guys all the latest and greatest Netflix has to offer.

All in all I thing this is a wonderful step up for Netflix. I think it’s utterly cool that kids can choose which direction the story they are watching will go. If they don’t choose the choice is done for them, but they can always go back and make a different decision. I love that this helps kids engage with what they are watching and in a way allows them to guess what will happen. Way to go Netflix! 


For those you who don’t have Netflix but would love to share this Interactive Storytelling with your kids or know someone who needs Netflix. Head on over to my Facebook Page as I have a giveaway running for a 3 month subscription. Who knows maybe you might win! 

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