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The Popples Come To Netflix

Netflix Stream Team
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Do you remember the Popples? Maybe this will remind you.

I had a Popple as a kid and loved it. Not sure what happened to it, but these lovable little balls that turn into friends were the rave. 

Popples was a 1980’s toy-line that featured bear/rabbit type creates. I can’t wait to watch the new episodes with Trace. Each episode takes kids on an amazing adventure hosted by Bubbles, Sunny, Lulu, Izzy and Yikes. The Popples always want to help their friends, neighbors and each other.

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Netflix has cut licensing deals with Dream Works Animation, Mattel and Scholastic Media. The Dream Works deal showcases series such as Turbo Fast and the new and much loved seasons of Dragons

What do you think of these Netflix Shows for Kids?

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