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Netflix Original Movie Spectral is Gears of War vs Ghosts

I love it when Netflix gets creative and makes movies just for us and nobody else. Okay well nobody but the millions of Canadian viewers who subscribe to the streaming service. Still, it’s kinda cool.

Netflix has brought us all sorts of fun stuff to watch lately. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. House of Cards. Fuller House. Beat Bugs and Stranger Things. It is what makes Netflix so unique. The fact they create their own series, dramas, comedies and movies to keep us engaged with fresh content. 

This past week I came across a Netflix Original movie called Spectral. I watched the trailer and immediately wanted to see it. I absolutely love sci-fi thrillers. 

Spectral reminds me of a video game made for TV movie which is just fun. It’s Gears of War vs Ghosts. Or so you think when a special ops team is ordered to go in and figure out what exactly is killing their men upon contact. They can’t see it. They can’t touch it. They can’t fight it. 

Spectral was actually a movie made for the big screen before the plug got pulled. Corporate reasons I suppose, and Netflix picked it up. That’s what I love about Netflix. They can do that. They can take shows we know and love and revive them and put their own spin on things for entertainment purposes so we aren’t watching the same boring movies and shows over and over. 


I enjoyed the movie and so did my kids. There is lots of action. The acting wasn’t bad. It wasn’t Academy Award winning performances, but overall just a great war/thrilling/blow-up romp of fun. I love how the movie revolves around science and how when tampered with things can go haywire. You almost at one point feel bad for the Spectrals killing the soldiers and realize there is more to their story, and the movie does a good albeit quick job explaining the course of actions that took place to start the whole thing. 

Favorite Line In the Movie:

If someone made them, they don’t escape the laws of the world. Nothing does.” Said by Clyne the hero of our story who is neither soldier nor scientist. Just a geek at heart. 

Spectral isn’t for everyone. There are holes in the story. The science isn’t conclusive. The actors don’t mesh past trying to kill what they believe are ghosts but even half way through the movie still aren’t sure. And the final climax although fun, still lends to be somewhat unrealistic. So if you are looking for realism, skip this movie no doubt. 

But if you are wanting something fun to watch, like Star Ship Trooper fun only not as a funny where you will be entertained for a Sunday afternoon of streaming. Give Spectral a chance. It did a good job keeping us entertained and engaged. The boys love the comic-book feel video game reference material of the film. And the special effects are pretty cool to boot. 

What’s the latest thing you’re streaming on Netflix right now? Share with us in the comments so we might take a peek at what you’re watching and get some ideas of maybe some cool shows we’ve missed. 

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