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Netflix Keeps Kids Busy With Dreamworks Trollhunters

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One thing I absolutely love about Netflix is keeping the kids busy during the holiday school break. Boredom sets in easy, especially when the weather shifts and it gets too cold outside to play.  Netflix has a stream of shows and movies kids can watch for hours of entertainment. On December 23rd Dreamworks released the much anticipated Trollhunters for kids everywhere. Take a peek below. 



Trollhunters is absolutely fantastic, and not just for kids. It’s funny, engaging, imaginative and fun for the whole family to enjoy! Part 1 of Trollhunters is streaming right  now and there are 26 fun filled episodes for kids to latch onto and beat the holiday boredom. 


Guillermo del Toro  dives into this animated series and I have to say, what a job he did. Guillermo del Toro isn’t the kind of director you would normally see making a family-friendly animated series. In fact, quite the opposite. With movies such as Pacific Rim, Crimson Peak and well-known Pan’s Labyrinth, he’s more known for giving us the spookies. 

del Toro describes his Trollhunters as a chance for families to sit around binge watching over ‘milk and cookies’ with the likeness of other animated shows such as How to Train Your Dragon and Kung Fu Panda. 


Trollhunters revolves around our hero, Jim, an awkward teenager who loves his overworked mother. (Anton Yelchin) from ‘Star Trek’ who plays the voice of Jim died tragically earlier this year, and del Toro honors his passing by keeping Yelchin’s voice-overs in the show. It’s a great way to pay tribute to such a young and amazing talent. Yelchin was 27 years old and plays Jim wonderfully and funny. 

On his way to school, Jim finds a blue amulet hidden among some rubble. The amulet chooses Jim to become the next Trollhunter, the protector of two worlds, both human and trolls that live below our feet. It sounds very cool. The rubble is the last remains of the last Trollhunter killed and turned to stone by the evil troll Bular played by (Ron Perlman). 

I love Trollhunters as it shows us Jim’s everyday life. Waking up, making lunch for his mom, dealing with a big bully at school, being Romeo in his school’s play, and then to dive into the world of Trolls, funny, quirky and scary even at times for Jim where the animation takes us on the biggest adventures. 

Trollhunters isn’t without an amazing cast: Aside from Ron Pearlman and Yelchin, Steven Yeun ‘The Walking Dead’ and Kelsey Grammer also join the team to bring characters to life. 

Watch Trollhunters on Netflix right now! 

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