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Netflix Helps Parents With Bedtime Battles #StreamTeam

We as parents know the importance of getting a good night’s sleep, especially for our little ones. However, kids have another agenda when it comes to going to sleep and will say anything to get out of getting a little shut eye.

A recent global survey, Netflix found that 61% of parents (me included) face bedtime stalling tactics by their kids. And most of us are willing to do anything from bribes to compromises in order to get our LO’s to sleep.


unnamedMy son has never been a good sleeper, but not sleeping well puts him at risk for falling asleep in class, not being healthy or learning properly in school. I’m not alone when it comes to bedtime battles. 

The average Canadian takes twenty-minutes to put their kids to bed. Most of us don’t find our kids stall tactics cute or adorable, as bedtime is parents time to unwind and relax. So the longer it takes, the less time we (adults) have to ourselves. 40% of Canadians face “just 5 more minutes” negotiator as a stall tactic. I know I do. How about you?

Dreamworks Introduces Dinotrux 5 minute Episodes to help parents Battle Bedtime Blues.

thumbnail (1)These cute, short five-minute segments are the perfect tool created by Dreamworks to help us parents get our little ones to sleep. Using Netflix as my own negotiator works like a charm! And you don’t have to use just one five-minute episode. My son is nine, so he gets to watch two (5 minute) Dinotrux episodes before it’s lights out. 

What I love about these 5-minute episodes from Netflix is not only are they fun to watch but they really help kids get into a routine. Kids know when the episode is over it’s time for them to go to sleep. You can use the 5-minute episodes as a tool to kick kids in gear, offering a better sleep alternative than arguing, bribing or battling at bedtime. 

Dinotrux five-minute episodes can be found on Netflix for kids




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