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How Netflix on The Go Keeps Families Busy During The Holidays

With the holidays just around the corner, delayed flights, lost luggage, and public tantrums may be on some parents lists when traveling. In fact, 1 in 5 Canadian parents say that one of their main concerns is keeping their kids entertained. That’s where Netflix comes in handy. From tried and true shows you can rely on like Beat Bugs and Luna Petunia to help calm any meltdowns. Netflix on the go helps to keep the family busy during holiday travel and keep boredom in the overhead storage compartment.

My son is a huge fan of Netflix on the go, and honestly so are we as parents. Stuck in traffic while shopping. On the go to the family’s house for dinner. Or on a road trip that might be a tad longer than we want it to be. Netflix on the go has a variety of choices of fun, entertaining and enjoyable programming the entire family can enjoy.

You can choose to be the cool parents. Download shows like Stranger Things (now in season 2) or Riverdale (also season 2) Fuller House is another option with tons of laughs. Either way, you’ll be the coolest parent on the trip.

For the little ones on your trip Netflix on the go has you covered. Kids can watch their favorite shows on the go while you’re in the car taking their mind off traveling. Netflix on the go requires no wifi or data to watch. How cool is that? It’s what keeps my son busy when waiting in line somewhere.

Happy kids make happy travel companions. Voltron is amazingly fun to watch. So is the Magic School Bus. Hang on to that fidget spinner and take Troll Hunters for a Spin and beat the bad guys. No matter what your kids decide to watch, you can use Netflix on the go all season long.

Netflix hasn’t forgotten us, adults, either. There are plenty of shows to download on the go to keep us parents entertained. Orange is the New Black is one of the most highly downloaded, and Narcos is outstanding!

One of the most memorable travel experiences I ever had with my family is we were headed up to Prince George to see my mother in law when the boys decided they had to go pee. With nowhere to stop, not even the side of the road would do. I remember turning around and handing my son a pop bottle. He looked at me with a look like “Are you kidding me, mom?” I burst out laughing. When you gotta go, you gotta go, right?

Traveling doesn’t have to be a bad memory. It can be fun.  My last travel memory our car wouldn’t start. My son and I were trapped in the car, while hubby went for help. We snuggled in the backseat under a blanket I had packed in the trunk and guess what we did?  We watched Netflix on the Go.

Now you can share all your Netflix family memories. Head on over to the New Netflix Families Facebook Page, which provides great suggestions for family entertainment. I’ll see you there!

What is your family watching?

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