My Creative Budget Friendly DIY Farmhouse Bedroom Night Tables For Less Than $50 Bucks

For anyone who knows me, they know that because of my borderline personality disorder and bipolar, plus COVID means boredom is not something I’m good at. I have to stay busy in order to keep my depression and anxiety under wraps, and there is no better way for me to do that other than to get crafty.

We’ve been in our new place for about a year now. God, time sure flies. And I’ve spent the past year revamping our small but wonderful two-bedroom apartment into something farmhouse, cozy, inviting, and a place I can call my sanctuary.

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The living room in our apartment is done. Trace’s room, done. Kitchen (a work in progress). The bathroom still needs a few tweaks. The laundry room just got a makeover, and then there’s our bedroom.

My bedroom is quite large. Large enough to fit a king-size bed which is fabulous. Plus I have an office alcove, plenty of wall space, not to mention an incredible walk-in closet/storeroom. But for the past year, it has needed a face-lift. However, as y’all know money is tight, and finding budget-friendly furniture is almost impossible.

Our new king-size bed from Polysleep

I started with my office alcove which I just finished and will show you in another post. I picked up a cute vintage style mid-century dresser for less than $20 bucks which I just repurposed. Again another post. We got a new bed and a new mattress from Polysleep, which I love. You can see my review on it >>> here.

But the final thing we needed was a pair of night tables. There is nothing worse than having stuff next to your bed on the floor. So, I went on the hunt for a set of nightstands I could DIY for a fraction of the cost of buying new ones.

My mom loves to search for stuff for me, I love my mom, and Facebook Marketplace and Bidding Wars have become my go-to for all things furniture, home decor, kitchen and bath, budget-friendly places to shop. I mean why not take someone else’s stuff, give it a good rinse, and make it your own?

Searching through Bidding Wars, my mom found these old fashioned, solid oak night tables on the bid for only ten bucks. What a steal!

I won the bid and picked up the night tables close to where I live. With COVID going on the furniture was left outside for pickup and I sent an e-transfer so everything was contactless to keep us safe. I decided I wanted a distressed farmhouse look for the night tables, and so I immediately took a trip to our local Canadian Tire and Dollarama Dollarstore to pick up everything I needed.

Let’s Begin…

The first thing I did was get hubby to clean the nightstands with some Lysol. It’s COVID, so you can’t be too careful. After giving them a good cleaning, I gave them a quick sanding. I borrowed my son’s sander, but you can pick up a palm sander for cheap. Otherwise, you can buy a block sander (any grit you want) to give the item light sand before painting. Since I was using chalk paint, I knew that I didn’t need to sand the crap out of the tables to get a good and even coat on them. I mostly just wanted to scuff them up so the chalk paint took to them more evenly.

Time to Paint!

After sanding the tables it was time to paint. I used my favorite chalk paint by Rustoleum. I love this stuff. I’ve used other chalk paints such as Annie Sloan, CC Caldwell, and even made my own. But Rustoleum Chalked Paint wins hands down because of easy it is to use, to clean up, and not to mention the price is fantastic. I paid $30 bucks for one can and still have chalk paint left over.

Tips: Make sure it’s a nice sunny day if you are painting outside with no wind to blow around dirt or debris. If you are painting in the house make sure you cover other furniture. If your chalk paint is too thick, you can always add some water to it to thin it out, but make sure you don’t use too much water.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do with the top at first. That’s when I decided I wanted the night tables to match what I had done to my desk and dresser in the bedroom using faux wood planked stickers which I bought from the dollarstore. You get 8 per pack and they stick on so easy. Plus they are easy to wash down if you spill something.

I also picked up some drawer liner to use inside the drawers giving them a much cleaner look. Those only cost me a buck per roll. I only used one roll for all four drawers.

I love how these night stands turned out!

Distressing the night tables was easy. You simply rub your sanding block on all the areas you want to give that aged and distressed look to. I picked up some farmhouse style cup handles to replaced the old drawer pulls for $15 bucks at Canadian Tire for 4. The whole project took me one day to finish. Now I have a place to put my cpap machine, water bottle and cell phone.

Matching Dresser!

Things You Will Need For This Project:

  • Can of Rustoleum Chalked Paint (any color) I used White Linen.
  • Sanding Block at least 80 grit.
  • Paintbrush (cheap at the dollarstore).
  • Drawer liner (also cheap at the dollarstore).
  • Small plastic container to put paint in.
  • Cleaning cloths and cleaner.
  • Drawer pulls or cup handles (optional) you could paint the old ones.
  • Faux wood stickers (dollarstore)

All in all, I am happy with how the night stands turned out. A set of brand new night tables can run anywhere from $100 dollars and up, and most are made now with particle board. These are real wood and will last a long time. Plus there is something great about doing it yourself!

Happy Creating!

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