Monster High Freak du Chic Gooliope Jellington From Mattel

Highly anticipated, she’s finally here! Freak du Chic has hit the stores and shelves with Gooliope Jellington making her grand debut. I found her at my local Walmart and Superstore so far. You can’t miss the oversized box design as this Monster High doll is 17″ tall and gorgeous both inside and outside the box. 

Gooliope doesn’t know who her parents are. She was created in a lab by an unknown scientist. She is one of the largest Monster High dolls created and Mattel honestly didn’t cheap out on her. Every part of her is truly beautiful. She has no idea what kind of monster she is which is sad. 

In the Monster world she is fifteen feet tall. Her clothing and earrings are made from Circus materials as Gooliope was left with the group Freak du Chic and uses her talents to perform nightly. She even still has goo on her legs from being made in a lab. Each part of Gooliope is movable, in fact she’s double jointed making her elbows, hands, legs, knees easy to pose her. 

Girls will go Monster High crazy getting Gooliope Jellington as a gift. She comes with her shoes, costume, headband, beautiful stand to showcase her and a diary so girls can read all about Gooliope’s journey and how she came about as one of Monster High’s most fabulous creations.  

Her hair is colorful and quite soft actually for a doll. It’s pink and yellow and curly. Quite easy to comb and style and put up or down depending on the look you want her to have. 


One of my favorite parts of this doll is her face. Gooliope’s skin and face are light pink, totally cool and she has the prettiest big blue eyes I’ve ever seen on a doll. She wears different shades of eyeshadow to match her outfit and hair. Wagon wheel earrings rest on her lobes, along with a headband that has piano pipes decorated in gold on top of it. Her shoes are the coolest with horses as heels. 

Gooliope Jellington 17″ Doll can be found at Mattel for $29.99 or various other retailers like Walmart, Superstore, ToysRUs and where Monster High Dolls are sold. Prices may vary. 

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