Monster High Boo York Astronova Playset From Mattel

The bright lights and big city of Boo York come to life with this Monster High Astronova Playset from Mattel. One of the coolest playsets to date, the ghouls of Monster High set out to experience their first musical ever while hoping to catch the historic passing of the Crystal Comet. It’s sure to be a monster-gala of epic proportions. However along with the comet comes a freaky and fabulous beastly friend – Astronova. The daughter of Comet Aliens. 

Astronova is gorgeous and fun to play with. She traveled for light years to get to Boo York and she’s out of this world for girls ages 6+ and up. Coming with her own dance party, the playset features the skyline of Boo York and produces an incredible light show with freaky fun effects!


Monster High fans everywhere can play out the monsterrific moment of the movie when the comet finally touches down on the city. You can suspend Astronova under the comet and watch as she really floats (with the use) of magnets above the Boo York skyline. 

You can play your favorite music from your phone or device and watch the amazing display with light show as Astronova dances in circles high above the city below. (Music player and music are not included) with the playset. Give Astronova a turn as she levitates, or use her guitar to adjust her orbit.

The doll is gorgeous and comes with shimmery dress, dramatic accents and killer shoes any girl would love to have. You can collect all the Boo York dolls and create your own movie. Each doll is (sold separately).  Astronova playset retails for $44.00 at Mattel. 

Monster High Boo York Book York Musical DVD will also thrill Monster High fans. Now you can play along with Astronova and enjoy all the songs that are in the movie. The DVD retails for $19.98



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