Money Saving Ways to Keep Your House Warm This Winter

Ugggg September is here which means the colder weather is coming, which also means a higher heating bill. I’ve already noticed once or twice, I’ve had to turn on my electric heat which costs an arm and leg. With skyrocket pricing for heating, I went looking for alternative ways to keep the house warm this winter.


Okay this is a given, but one I rarely do. You can pick up weatherproofing kits at your local hardware store like Home Depots, even Walmart sells stuff for in the home. Weatherproof around the doors and windows. And if you can’t afford it. Check out BC Hydro’s Energy Saving Kit. We got one in the mail with everything we need to keep our house energy efficient.

Pellet Stoves

Save your heating bill and the planet with a Pellet Stove. A freestanding, no venting, fire systems that burn small granule sawdust pellets providing a greener burning with no air emissions both in your home or for the environment. Easy to maintain, beautiful to look you can buy a pellet stove online  in any style. Pellets are available at most local hardware stores.

Electrical Outlet Insulators

Believe it or not air can escape from all sorts of places we don’t even think about. Adding foam switch and plug covers to stop unwanted air from leaving your home is a quick and affordable cheat to keeping your place energy efficient. You can pick up a pack of 10 foam covers at Home Depot for around five bucks.

Bubble Wrap Your Windows

Windows are the worst for letting air out, and as a blogger I’m always bombarded with bubble wrap. This is not only affordable but works like a hot damn! The large bubble wrap works best. Cut the bubble wrap to fit your window. Spray a film of water on your window and place the wrap bubbles to the glass. You can use double sided tape to hold in place, and it creates a nifty window effect while keeping your place warm.

Use The Sun

Even with bubble wrap on your windows the heat from the sun can come inside. So use it to your advantage. Keep your curtains open during the day and utilize natures best heating source. This adds extra warmth to your house without costing you a dime.

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More Tips

There are lots of things you can do to continue to make your home energy efficient that are not costly and easy for you to do yourself.

  • Clean out duct systems and insulate them.
  • Keep windows locked.
  • Clean out electric and floor heaters of dust and debris.
  • Use thermal curtains in the colder months.
  • Fix door jams to create less space.

What tips do you have for making your home more energy efficient.

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