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I love making crafts or DIY gifts during the holidays. It’s just fun. There’s something about giving a gift you made yourself that lends a certain personal charm you just can’t buy from the stores. Though I’m not super crafty at the best of times. Anyone can make this Melted Snowman DIY Holiday Gift with the help of Avery labels to give to someone you love. 

This DIY project was taken from the help of Growing Up Gabel, that’s where I first saw it online. There are various adaptions you can find to make it your own, but she does a great job of listing the right steps for you to follow. So a big shout out to her blog please. 


Photo courtesy of Growing Up Gabel


This is a budget-friendly DIY gift idea that the entire family can take part in. It can be given to friends or relatives of all ages. It’s super easy to make as well, and best of all the kids can help! 


  • Canning jars with lids from the dollarstore
  • Bag of Large Marshmallows
  • Printer any kind to print labels.
  • Can of White Hot Chocolate Mix from Bulk Barn
  • Avery Print to Edge Round Labels
  • Wilton Edible Food Markers from Michaels

To start out I picked out my label design from Avery Canada Christmas Designs. Avery has a ton of label designs for any project you want to create. I chose a cute label with a string of lights on it. Avery makes it easy to design your labels how you want and print them so they are ready to use for your project. 

Label created with Avery Print Design
Label created with Avery Print Design

Once your labels are printed, you can go ahead and print off matching tags. There are tons of styles to choose from when printing to make the tags and labels personal. Then when you are finished that, it’s time to put together the snowman. 

Photo courtesy Growing Up Gabel
Photo courtesy Growing Up Gabel

The next step is to add your white powder hot chocolate mix to your jar. You can add chocolate chips, candy canes, or whatever you wish to it. Be creative. Once that is done. Use your edible markers from Michaels and draw on a snowman face on to each marshmallow you will use. 

Add the marshmallow face to the jar of white hot chocolate. Add two more marshmallows to the jar behind the face, so there will be 3 marshmallows in total. Once that is complete, you simply draw on the buttoned tummy and arms using a black sharpie to the outside glass. Add some decorative ribbon and wala you’re done! 

Like I said there are tons of variations you can create online. The possibilities are endless and these snowmen make a wonderful present for anyone. Once your snowman is assembled, just add on your labels and tag, and  your super crafty DIY homemade gift is ready to be shared for holidays. 

Would you be happy getting a melted snowman in a jar as a present? I know I would. 


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