Meghan Markle’s Top 5 Travel Essentials & Tips

Meghan Markle is one of the most beautiful, sought to photograph, a trendy and fashionable woman of today. She is about to walk down the aisle after saying “Yes” to Prince Harry. Last month I shared with you the secret product that Meghan Markle just cannot live without.  This month I’m going to share Meghan’s Top 5 Travel Essentials.

Whether she’s headed to Hollywood to wrap things up with her show “Suits” to New York for some shopping, or Africa on a mini vacation with Harry. Meghan is used to jet-setting on the go. She knows the important things you need to make sure you travel right. Here’s what’s on Meghan’s list.

How to Make Your Clothes Smell Nice When Traveling

Because Meghan is such a seasoned traveler, she is also a seasoned packer. Packing your clothes can sometimes make them smell a bit damp, musky and they don’t quite feel fresh when you got to put them on. One of Meghan’s famous tips is to put dryer sheets between her shirts, dresses, skirts, and slacks when packing. “Clothes will smell fresh when you arrive–and when you get back home!” A perfectly great traveling hack that costs less than $3 bucks here in Canada.

Murchison-Hume Sprays & Soaps

One thing Meghan never travels without is hand sanitizer. She says she’s no germaphobe but makes a great point that planes are chalk filled with germs. So she always has hand wipes or a travel sanitizer spray to wipe things down, including the little TV, serving tray, her seat, and surroundings. Murchison-Hume offers a variety of different sprays and soaps to help keep your body germ free.

Probiotics To Stay Healthy

Meghan always travels with a high strain of probiotics such as Dr. Ohhira’s to help her stay hydrated. Probiotics are great for gut health and can honestly help travelers deal with severe jet lag, especially when traveling often. In fact, many jet-setters swear that Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics help them not only sleep well but improve the quality of health if traveling is something they do on a regular basis. It’s Meghan’s top choice!

Travel & Organize In Style

Another thing you won’t see Miss Markle without when traveling is her orange lifestyle organizer. This is one of the best tech organizers on the market from STOW a brand trusted by many travelers to help them when on the go. The STOW World Class Traveler Tech Case retails for $595 and is a combined wallet, power bank, charger and cable with fold-away plug set. There are pockets for travel identification and documents needed and has the ability via the USB power block which can be interchanged with the US. EU. UK and Canada.

Last But Not Least

Meghan shares the rest of her traveling tips from her (now retired) blog the Tig which you can read here.  Things like wearing a hug (a scarf) to keep you warm and fuzzy while flying. Or a tip a friend gave her about using Neosporin inside our nostrils to keep germs at bay and keep the inside of your nose hydrated so that you don’t get sick. That along with her favorite carry-ons and suitcases to clothes she wears, Meghan has many tips to keep you flying right.

We are all sad now that Meghan’s blog the Tig is no longer around and her social profiles have all been shut down, as she prepares for her wedding to the dashing Prince Harry. But that won’t stop us from following this fashionista, watching what she wears, listening to her great tips on health and travel and keeping an eye on all her humanitarian duties and charitable organizations she’s involved with.

What are some of your favorite travel tips and hacks?

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