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Me To We Brings Social Awareness

We are officially gearing up for the holidays now, and one thing I always have trouble with is buying or picking up something suitable for the teens in my life. Staples is offering an extended Me to We Collection that truly changing the meaning of the holidays, and makes the perfect gift for anyone. 


I love gifts that give back, and Staples has an array of products for you to choose from. The products are simple, perfect for everyday use, reliable, non-expensive, easy to clean and made from recycled materials. What’s not to love about that?

  • Every Me to We purchase makes a positive impact by giving a gift in a Free The Children community overseas
  • To see where your gift was delivered, enter your code found on your product at


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I love how the Me to We products are made. The backpack I received is soft material yet waterproof and really holds a lot. It’s perfect for any teen, brother or sister or anyone looking to make an impact on the world while using every recycled products to make newer products. 

Me to We Mission is to inspire and enable people to be agents of change. From offering volunteer trips allowing people to help with health, education and economic evelopment abroad. Me to we creates options for you the consumer who want to make an informed decision about what you buy. 

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