The scariest haunted house EVER!

When it comes to a good scare, I’m all in. From the time I was little, I loved sneaking a peek at the horror movies my mom and nana would watch, while my dad sat on the sofa with a pillow over his face. Let’s face it, getting or being scared isn’t for everyone. It’s not for the faint of heart. And I truly believe there is a little bit of masochism in all of us.

Putting all that aside, when I came across this post on FB from one of my friends on her asking who wanted to go with her to one of the biggest and scariest haunted houses known as McKamey Manor, of course, I instantly clicked on the link to see just how bad it could be.

That’s when I learned that McKamey Manor goes beyond torture and abuse for the chance to win 20K. Yep, if you can endure the utter insanity this place will throw at you and make it through 10 hours of being put through the wringer (six being the farthest anyone has ever gone) then you could possibly win the title of being the biggest moron on the planet. But you’ll have more change in your pocket if you do.

McKamey Manor is truly disgusting. I say this because … well go on see for yourself, if you can manage to watch the whole thing. This video is NOT FOR CHILDREN and IS COMPLETELY FILLED WITH WHAT APPEARS TO BE ABUSE AND TORTURE.

Don’t believe me – watch this β†’

Now, if you couldn’t stomach the video. It’s basically a documentary about a group of people who go into the Manor, get shit-kicked and tortured, being pushed beyond their limits. How you, say? By allowing themselves to be covered in fake blood, slapped repeatedly, punched, kicked, cut, bruised, bullied and forced to eat someone else’s vomit…

Oh yes… I said someone else’s vomit.


If you ask me what I really think about all this? Well, as a person who spent the majority of her life being abused, bullied, put down, and treated like garbage, along with dealing with everything life had to throw at me. I would say McKamey Manor should be shut down because at first glance the actors and the guy who runs this place get off on hurting others. They get off on being abusive physically, mentally and emotionally.

That’s what I would say.

If I remove my own emotions and look at this place logically, there is a part of me that kinda understands why people put themselves through this. Though I may not agree with the methods, pushing your limits and boundaries to see how long you can withstand the torture and fear being placed upon you has some appeal. It’s why television shows like Survivor and Fear Factor exist.

But let’s dive just a bit deeper…

Russ (the owner) makes these movies, he calls them. It’s entertainment. It’s not real. Nothing happened, he tells the participants when they are freaking out and yet… he says everything they go through is real and you have to be prepared mentally to be able to deal with the Manor as IT WILL BREAK YOU!

It broke Avery after she talked smack about the Manor and decided to challenge it. Avery lasted 120 seconds according to Russ, though the clips he showed in his video seemed longer. Avery reported the Manor to the cops. Russ states that’s okay others have tried but you know going in when you sign the 40-page waiver what you’re getting into.

Or do you….? Let’s see β†’

girls tied up McKamey Manor

What do you guys think of this place? Would you do it?

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