Toronto is doing it. So is Vancouver. Heck, even Abbotsford is doing it. Everywhere you turn, you can hear it: the pounding of that hammer as you drive through the city and watch new buildings being built. More often than not, these new buildings are home to tiny apartments and condos that are suitable for the modern, active family.  

Gone are the days of families vying to live in sprawling mansions.  In fact, according to 2019 market trends, the average renter is looking to declutter and eager to learn how to make the most of their small apartment space, while still having room to breathe and entertain.

Right now, hubby and I are in a very small 800-square-foot apartment, and let me tell you that it was a complete shock when we moved here. I thought there was absolutely no way we were going to be able to down-size from a three-bedroom townhouse and enjoy such a tiny living space.

I was so wrong… 

With some very helpful tips and tricks, we learned that you can get rid of all that junk you don’t need and enjoy small apartment living, while still having the room to entertain our friends and family without compromising on style. 

Amongst these tips include:

sofa adds space to small apartment

Measure Your Space Accordingly 

Before you move, it’s important for you to measure the space you will be living in. You need to measure each room properly, along with any furniture that will be occupying that space. Knowing how much room you will have by measuring everything from the height of your light fixtures to the width of your stairwell, will determine whether or not your furniture can be maneuvered into the space you want, taking away the guesswork, headaches and potential disappointment.

You need to measure the height, width, and depth of your furniture. Will your furniture fit against that particular wall where you picture it? Or, will you have room to put it in the corner?

Trust me when I say that there is nothing worse than finding that dream sofa you love, only to discover it won’t fit through the front door. 

gray chair in living area to add depth to small apartment space

Choose The Right Colour

There is nothing worse than four blank white walls for your guests to stare at. Though I love white walls for their crispness, I believe they’re really only meant to serve as a backdrop for rich colors that help bring a room to life. That’s why it’s important for you to choose the right color scheme to help make the most of that small apartment space you’re living in. 

A grey sofa with gold accents brings a sense of class and serenity to your living room. A white fabric sectional with pale yellow and blue chevron pillows can help divide a room into separate entertaining areas. Even a pair of sheer white curtains gathered together along a ceiling-high rod can bring a breath of fresh air to a small room and make it appear larger than it really is. 

Choose wisely when picking colors for your walls inside your home, your furniture, and any accents pieces, because the colors you choose can make all the difference between feeling cramped and lounging in peace. 

brown sectional versatile for maximizing your small apartment

Maximize Your Space

Just as color is important to help create the illusion of a larger space, so too is your choice of furniture. The right piece of furniture can mark the difference between feeling like you’re living in a sardine can or enjoying a wide-open area that exudes comfort and relaxation. 

We have a very large seven-seater sectional which may seem too big for a small apartment, but the trick is all in how you arrange your furniture and its style. Some Multi-functional furniture is a great option that can help you maximize your space.  

Take the above multi-functional sofa for instance. I would love to have a piece of furniture like this in my home. Why? Because it has many purposes. It’s a sofa, a bed and a lounge area all in one. This is the type of furniture you should be looking for. 

So, there you have it. Whether you are trying to find space in your kitchen or searching for ways to organize your living room, maximizing your space, measuring your living area and choosing the right style of furniture will go a long way so that you can enjoy life in a small apartment without giving up that feeling of home comfort. 

Do you have a small space you would like to see redone? Which room in your home bugs you the most? Let me know in the comments…

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