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MailPoet Newsletter Service For WordPress

For the past several years I’ve been using Mail Chimp to grow my subscribers, but lately I have been finding MailChimp difficult to use. I don’t like their interface and I don’t like the lack of design capabilities when creating an RSS Driven Campaign. I want to share my latest posts with my readers on a specific day of the week, and I want my newsletters to reflect my blog.

So I decided to go hunting for a new (FREE) service to try with (PREMIUM) features in case I fall in love with them, and I came across MailPoet, an easy to use Newsletter Service integrated directly into your WordPress. How cool is that?

Lots of Themes to Choose From

MailPoet is so super easy to use. You can set up your own forms, send newsletters, 50 themes to choose from and more. Here are some of the bonus points for this system.

  • Integrates directly to your WordPress
  • Tracks Subscribers, charts and graphs, clicks and opens
  • Create your campaigns using an easy drag and drop editor from directly inside your WordPress 
  • Modify fonts, themes, colors and more
  • Create RSS Driven Campaigns to send auto newsletters to your subscribers
  • Looks good in all browsers

I spent about twenty minutes setting everything up, adding in my information, setting up my campaign and even creating my first new newsletter for my readers set to go out tomorrow. I’ll see how it goes, but honestly twenty-minutes is no time at all for doing everything so simple and easy.

Super Nice Layouts or Just Create Your Own

Adding images is super easy. You can upload new images or choose from any in your WordPress directory. I love this feature.

How a post looks inside my newsletter

I also love the fact that now my newsletter has images and short recaps of posts to share with my readers, unlike MailChimp who simply could not provide me with a way to integrate blog post images into my RSS Driven Campaigns. MailPoet did this with one simple click. 

The footer allows for a logo and whatever else you want. I added some links to categories on my blog.

You can easily add a footer to your newsletter along with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and GPlus Social Buttons. I’m hoping with a new release we will soon seen Pinterest and Instagram added to these. But overall it’s nice having this option, and the button styles are endless and super cool!

When someone subscribes you get an instant email saying they have been added to your list. Speaking of lists – yes you can have more than one and visitors can choose to subscribe to many at once. This is great if you want to run multiple campaigns say for recipes, giveaways only and what not. I plan to explore this feature later. 

So What Else Does Mail Poet Offer? How about 2000 subscribers FREE!

  • Drag & Drop Visual Editor no HTML knowledge needed!
  • Follow-up emails (autoresponders) for joining, unsubscribing.
  • Send emails to your wordpress users and create a list off them
  • Form Sidebar Widget
  • CVS import/export of lists
  • Single or double opt-in (with or without activation email)
  • Manage permissions for roles (admins, editors, authors, etc.)
  • Promotional MailPoet logo in footer of your newsletter LOVE THIS!

So what do you think? Would you give MailPoet a try? I think you should, and no I’m not being compensated to write this article. I just found an easier way to build and grow my emailing lists and connect with my readers in a more personal way that my former provider did not lend me.



You can download the plugin from the WordPress Repository at

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