Lowfree Mechanical Keyboard

I am very picky when it comes to using a keyboard whether it’s for my laptop or desktop. I like my keyboards to not only look good but feel good when typing. Being a writer this is vastly important. A bad keyboard can hinder production and inspiration. 

I miss the old days sometimes, typing on my old typewriter. I love punchy keys. It’s one of the main characteristics of an apple keyboard I’ve always enjoyed. Keys that make noise when you type with a clicking sound but smooth enough to enjoy forever. 

That’s why I fell in love when I saw my very first Lofree Mechanical keyboard. Its design is anything less than dull. Their new Four Seasons Keyboard is one you’ll love every moment you use it.

The Lofree Mechanical Keyboard has retro styling unique and an unforgettable design. It’s no wonder their Crowdfunding surpassed $750K upon its launch. 

Lofree Mechanical Keyboard is unique for several reasons. Its attractive design makes it stand out, along with its audible click-clack sound that I love so much. Not to mention it’s wireless. Here are a few more features you’ll love. 

  • Mac layout same as Apple Magic keyboard
  • Wireless & wired connections available
  • 3-level LED backlit for darker workspaces
  • Works with iOS, Android, Windows
  • Mechanical switch for comfortable typing. 

The Lofree Seasonal Edition Keyboard is stunning. It comes in four colors for you to choose from and retails for $149 USD. It has a Mac Layout unique to Apple users. 

The Four Seasons provides a comfortable typing experience and is geared for writers and journalists who spend long hours typing on a computer. I want to get one for my laptop as I have rubbed most of my keys off and many have become stuck and unworkable. 

Right now you can get a great deal 10% off of your entire order on Lofree Four Seasons mechanical keyboard and Poison speaker. How great is that? Think of buying one for yourself or someone you love. 

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