LG X Power 2: Budget Phone For Canadian Families


With smartphones being the world’s number one mode of online communication over computers, it’s no wonder everyone is constantly looking for a way to save their battery. Imagine getting a full day’s use on one charge. How about streaming Spotify for over three and half hours before a single percent drops? That’s why LG X Power 2, the latest in the X-Series of phones is Canada’s Best Budget Phone for 2018.

While it’s no Google Pixel 2 XL and you shouldn’t expect it to be as user-friendly pocket saving smartphone. The LG X Power 2  offers 4,500mAh battery, a 1.5GZ processor with 2GB RAM and a 5.5-inch display is one of the best budget phones I’ve ever used which Canadians can pick up right now for only $250 bucks. But is there more than just battery longevity that makes this smartphone worth buying?


Having a backup phone is important, and although The Google Pixel 2 XL is still my daily driver and best flagship phone I’ve ever used to date. Yes, even over Galaxy S9, and I only say that because I have yet to test the S9. Don’t expect the LG X Power 2 to blow any of those phones out of the water. This phone still has tons of unique features and a lot of guts inside of it to make it a phone worth having in your communication arsenal.

First, off the LG X Power, 2 is running Android 7 Nougat. Not bad for a budget phone where you are still seeing Android 5.5 Lollipop being offered on most money friendly pay-as-you-go devices. Holding the X Power 2 in your hands is nothing compared to the G6, with a more noticeable lighter and lower grade feel, the overall look is not bad at all and it feels great in the hand to use.


Measuring alongside phones like the Moto G and Honor 6X in the same category offering a bit more of a luster feel with a metal unibody for near the same prices as LG, I still like the look of the X Power 2 and I don’t find it feels strange with it’s more plastic backing offering grip for smaller hands like mine or even teenagers famous for dropping their phones.

With a big 5.5-inch panel display which only has 720p and not 1080p is where you will notice a difference on the X Power 2. The colors are saturated and lack color and depth which is a given I guess due to its price point, but I feel LG which normally has great screens, in my opinion, could’ve done better here. But you can have full brightness on to make up for things without the battery interfering.

One thing I’ve always loved about Android is the ability to use a different launcher and customizations to make the phone truly yours. However, that being said, battery life has always been an issue in this regard. Not anymore. Hidden inside the LG X Power 2 is a non-removable 4,500 mAh cell, which LG stakes can play up to 15 hours of continuous video before needing a charge. Offering quick charge technology to boot ( a nice added feature) charging the phone in less than two hours to full capacity makes this phone worthwhile phone to play and work with.

Note: I got 12 hours of audio play and social tasks (Facebook, Candy Crush, Emails, Texts) and my battery only dropped to 86% so expect 2 days full use on regular day to day cell phone use.

There is 16GB of expandable microSD storage. I suggest backing up your photos to Google to keep that low, otherwise, you will need the extra room. Speaking of photos the X Power 2 has a pretty good camera. It’s no Galaxy but it takes great pics in low light with it’s 13mp back facing camera and 5mp front facing. I love that all I have to do to take a selfie is smile and it’s automatic and it has some neat filters built in before shooting to play around with.

LG X Power 2: Hands-on Impressions

As a great back up phone to your daily driver, one that will never run out of battery life and charges quickly, or a smartphone for someone who cannot afford a those hefty $1000 flagship devices, the LG X Power 2 is a great phone for Canadians at a great price that will do everything you need it to do without having to worry about running out of juice while you do it!

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