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LG Gets Smarter With Their Appliances

Being a geek girl I spend hours on end in stores like Best Buy looking over their televisions and computers. My dream is to one day own a very large and beautiful 80 inch LG Smart TV.  One because I’m going blind. Two because LG makes the best Smart Televisions around. 

I have owned every television model from Hitachi to Toshiba and I have to say nothing compares to my small but worthy 42″ LG Smart TV I have now.  Although the tv is way too small for me to enjoy as my site and hubby’s site isn’t all that great. I love how easy it is to use my LG Smart TV.  It’s so simple and seemingless to stream content without a problem. I can even stream my own content directly from my laptop to my television wirelessly. Meaning I can enjoy photographs, music and movies I have already loaded on my PC to share with other on my television and without a glitch. 




This commercial representing LG’s newest Smart TV cracked me up. Watching granny kick young boys arse was hilarious. But more than the video, the technology behind LG’s latest invention with Web OS is something I just have to get my hands on to try. It looks incredible.

WebOS stands for Obviously Simple. Gotta love that since life is complicated enough, we don’t need our electronics to make it any more so. WebOS is smarter, faster, easier and allows consumers like me who spend all their time online or watching stuff to surf, play and connect a whole lot easier. Take a peek and you’ll see what I mean. 

So many people don’t realize how much they can do with a Smart TV and I am going to save my pennies as my next large TV purchase is going to be one that is LG with Web OS and all the features I love. 

What do you think about WebOS and being able to do everything on your tv?


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