Store Your Harvest Leftovers With Glad

Spring is one of the best times of year mainly because it’s not cold outside anymore, and it means summer is just around the corner. The sun comes out and the days are longer. The kids bask and enjoy its warmth while playing outside, as the flowers bloom. It’s a time where raccoons come to visit us on the back porch, squirrels sit on the deck seeking a small handout, and the Steller Jays are prettier than ever! Hubby and I enjoy visiting with neighbors on our front stoop while relishing in Tim’s Orange Peakoe Tea. I love spring!

Another thing I love about spring is the food! My tummy always changes with the seasons, and I begin to crave mouthwatering strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, raspberries, potato and macaroni salads, corn on the cob and steaks on the grill, bbq burgers with fresh skewers of fruit on the side. Not to mention all the fresh vegetables we want because here in Abbotsford we are surrounded by farm after farm producing such lovely bounties for us to enjoy! 

Steller Jay’s are plentiful around our house

As the season stretches so does our youngest son’s cravings for healthier alternatives while going to school. Like his mama, he loves diving into some fresh celery with ranch dressing as dip. It’s easy for us to pack up his lunch each day using GLAD® Lunch To Go containers! These are his favorite containers because inside the lid is a handy little dressing cup that holds tight so the dressing doesn’t fall all over his food. Pretty cool eh!  

Actually we use GLAD products for everything. It helps keep waste down and leftovers are always eaten. The Lunch To Go containers are stackable, dishwasher safe and great for packing up picnic snacks to take to the lake on weekends, along with fresh and seal wrap another favorite of mine as well as handy zip lunch bags for individuals sandwiches. 

You know I bet you’re saying Jodi you are only saying use GLAD because you are blogging for them. It’s not true though. As a mom I know being on a budget is hard, and so for sure you can head to a dollar store and pick up cheaper containers, but let me tell you they do not last or hold in the freshness the way GLAD does. Maybe it’s because mom used to use GLAD when making our lunches as kids, I just trust the brand that has kept our family going year after year, and so for a few measly pennies more I prefer to use Glad to keep everything we cook, bake or eat fresher for longer. 

Tip: When taking grapes, watermelon, orange slices, apples, raspberries or any fruit really on the go I use Glad Freezer Ware containers. Crack resistant these babies are the bomb! Freeze your fruit before heading out to the park and it won’t become mushy or tasteless. It will thaw surrounded by it’s natural juice and taste fresher than you’ve ever had it before! 

Aside from using these great Glad containers and handy baggies for snacks during spring, the other product from GLAD which is my favorite is GLAD Press n’ Seal. You can literally use it for everything. I’ve used it to line my drawers, clean up messes, line my fridge to keep spills from making a mess. It’s the most awesomest invention ever! So awesome I found this hilarious video by What’s Up Moms on Dad’s First Day With Baby. Check it out. You’ll be going and buying some PRESS N’ SEAL tomorrow I swear!

So whether you are packing for a picnic or just storing your leftovers in the fridge or freeze, GLAD makes it super easy without any hassles for you to not only enjoy the foods you love by keeping them fresher – longer, but by allowing you to save a dime because leftovers will get eaten, and lunches will be a spring time breeze!

What is your favorite GLAD product to use to help your Spring Harvest stay fresh? My favorite is watermelon and frozen grapes for picnics at the park. Yum!


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