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Lego-ing our way through March Break with Netflix

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It’s hard to believe March break is almost over. Easter is this weekend, and it’s been a great two weeks with the boys at home. We’ve spent so much time together as a family enjoying Netflix and movie nights. And the fun and activities began with Lego!

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As a Netflix Stream Teamer, it’s wonderful the little perks they send me to keep the kids busy. But more than that, it’s the amazing shows we get to enjoy as a family. This month we dove head first into everything Lego on Netflix. It started with Lego Bionicles, one of Trace’s favorite shows to watch.


Lego Bionicle is a great show for kids and brings to life kids favorite toys. Lego and Netflix have teamed up for both the Bionicle series as well as Lego Friends (for girls) which is awesome. Both shows are truly fun to watch! Lego Bionicle appeals to my son because it’s the story of 6 legendary heroes that battle evil using the elements. Fire, Ice, Stone, Water, Earth and Jungle. What boy wouldn’t love that?


Lego Friends is a different sort of show and one I actually enjoy myself. I wish they had shows like this when I was growing up. Lego friends is the story of a group of girls (Mia, Emma, Olivia, Andrea and Stephanie. They go through life’s ups and downs, love and mishaps, zany antics and tons of fun where true friendships last forever. 

Lego’s shows are so cool, and what’s even cooler is the toys. My son loves his Bionicle’s, building and bringing them to life and then being able to sit and watch his characters in an animated series. There is nothing cooler than that in his books.


The fun doesn’t stop there. In fact, all during Spring Break we enjoyed different Lego shows. My favorite being The Lego Movie, which don’t laugh but always makes me cry at the end. A story about a father and son and being accepted for who you are. But all the Lego shows are very unique and different in their own way. And we love that there is such a huge variety on Netflix for us to enjoy! 

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So no matter which day of the week you take a bite out of, for me it’s Monday. Lego and Netflix has you covered. We are going to enjoy the rest of the Bionicle and Lego Friends episodes this weekend to wrap up our Spring Break fun. But it’s nice to know that long after Spring Break is over, Netflix will still be showcasing Lego Movies and Television shows for our family to enjoy any day of the week!

What’s your favorite Lego Show to Watch on Netflix?


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