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How Parents Can Make Using Netflix To Learn Fun!

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ANIMAL VOICES: Peer inside the minds of animals to gain understanding of their behavior and mental health, as well as the impact humans play in their well-being.

MISSION BLUE: Netflix Original Series takes you on an adventure following Oceanographer Sylvia Earle’s urgent mission to expose the dire condition of Earth’s oceans is captured in this documentary directed by Fisher Stevens, Academy Award-winning producer of “The Cove,” and Academy Award nominee Bob Nixon. 


More Great Learning Shows

1. The Magic School Bus Gains Weight
2. Fetch! with Ruff
3. Animal Mechanicals, Balloon Volcano Island
4. Sid the Science Kid

1. Nova: Hunting the Elements
2. Cosmos
3. Deadliest Volcanoes: Nova
4. Let Your Mind Wonder

Courtesy Feels Like Home Blog

I found a cool experiment online for kids on how to grow your own Crystal Geodes. It’s pretty cool. I’m going to try it this week with Trace and see what we can make. 

What is your favorite learning show on Netflix? 


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