Lampe Berger Paris Purifying Freshness For Fall


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Lampe Berger Paris Canada

I’ve been blogging about Lampe Berger Paris ever since they marketed into Canada. Why? Because they are an awesome way to keep your home not only smelling great, but providing cleaner air quality which is something we can all use.


Here in the Fraser Valley the air quality sucks. The air is stagnant, even indoors. I’ve used a ton of different products to help my home smell great, but none as effective as a Lampe Berger Paris lamp. As we settle into fall, Lampe Berger Paris has unique lamps to keep your home smelling great with unequaled purifying freshness. 

Lampe Berger Paris lamps if you haven’t seen one are simply gorgeous. I mean these aren’t just your run of the mill smelly things. These are hand-crafted, molded with love, created for uniqueness to personalize your home. I got my first Lamp Berger Paris lamp a few years back and still have it. I remember thinking back then how beautiful it was. Its nothing compared to the absolutely amazing lamps they have now. Take a look at what I’m talking about. 

Diamant Lampe


This gorgeous glass lamp is striking with its design. It has a diamond pattern I just love, almost allowing the reflected light in the room to swirl through it. It’s shiny looking. The Diamant Lampe has a masculine quality to it.  The Diamant Lampe comes in grey and translucent as well. Cost: $68.00

Green Pampille Lamp


This antique style bottle has superb shine to it. With a combined criss-cross pattern and raised effects to capture the light, this lampe is a beautiful and rare object. I reminds me of an old genie lamp. I wonder if you rub it will you get three wishes? Cost: $88.00

White Satin Lamp Box Set


If you want to start out you can pick up a set of lamps for a reasonable cost. Just $49.99 for a set of two White Satin Lamps. I love my single white satin lamp. It’s clear and elegant looking. I keep it in my bedroom and light it when I feel the need. It takes 20 minutes for the perfume to soak into the rope and then you’re good to go. But the smell lasts a long time. 

More Beauty


Lampe Berger Paris lamps make a great gift for the holidays, anniversaries, birthdays or if you’re like me, just pick one up for yourself and indulge in the various perfume scents to fill your home with a wonderful aroma your guests will notice immediately. 


For more great information on Lampe Berger Paris follow them on Facebook and on YouTube. New lamps and fragrances are always coming out. You don’t want to miss it when they do. 

What’s your favorite scent to use in your home? 

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