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Lampe Berger Parfum Berger Scents for The Home

You all know that I love my Lampe Berger which I got last year. The Europeans have been using these delightful little wick lamps to remove foul-smelling and musty odors from the home, which is why mine is placed near where I work. I use it daily. Well, now Lampe Berger has some new products that come in their Parfum Berger Collection, cube scented bouquets with black sticks used in the diffuser to linger hints of wonder in any room. 


Hints of Vanilla fill the air in a classic bouquet. It comes in a nice little box (perfect as a gift) for anyone you know and love and costs only $25.00.

2015-10-13 15.00.09

The elegant glass cube is something I love. It’s topped with a ring and you slide the black sticks inside. I love how decorative the sticks look with all my country cottage furniture. Made of polymer, they guarantee optimal diffusion. But do they really? I mean do they work?


Yes – omy gosh yes! The black sticks don’t discolor the fragrance which is something I love. It’s simple and easy to use. Mine came filled with 15ml of Vanilla Gourmet fragrance which is divine. 

Description From The Collection: A cocktail of delicious notes blending the richness of a freshly cut bourbon vanilla pod, the sweetness and softness of rum and star anise, and a drop of chocolate and almond (cocoa and tonka beans).

All I know is that I love it. I keep the Vanilla upstairs in my bedroom next to my bed. It smells up the entire upstairs with a wonderful scent. Company is always amazed such a little bottle has such a big impact. And when you have pets and kids, killing foul odors is a must!

Parfum Berger

There are several scents available from the Perfum Berger line. Ocean Breeze (tropical with woody notes), Zest of Verbena (lemony scents), Orange Cinnamon (citrus with wonder) just to name a few.  Each comes with a stack of black reeds, glass container and your favorite scent. How can you go wrong?

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