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It’s Ladies Night With Orange Is The New Black on Netflix

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Hey gals, grab the popcorn and margarita smoothies and get comfy in your pj’s because the rest of June is ladies night any night with the return of some old shows we love and the introduction of some newer ones on Netflix that will have you crying, laughing, and enjoying yourselves well into the weekend. Let’s take a look at what’s hot right now. 

Orange Is The New Black Season 5

The girls are back and this time with a vengeance as the inmates of Lychfield battle not for supremacy, but basic human rights. They must ban together if they are going to make anything happen. But can they? Overcoming obstacles, friendships, and even death, this season of OITNB is sure to set you on the edge of your seat as  you watch. Streaming on Netflix right now. 

Glow Will Light Your Heart On Fire

I got to see a sneak peek of this and omg I love it! I cannot even tell you how great this show is. It captivates you right off the start as the story revolves around an out of work actress struggling to make it who winds up wrestling. Yeah, you got it. Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling or GLOW from the Team that brought us Orange is the New Black. This series is incredibly funny and has something we can relate to at some point or another in our lives. Streaming on Netflix June 23, 2017 

Audrey & Daisy

Shot in the view of social media this gripping documentary follows the story of two girls from two different towns in America and the tale that is woven around them, and how social media busts open the world’s eye view to the case. A Sundance Film that provokes anger and outrage pitting a divided group against one another. Audrey & Daisy is one show you won’t want to miss. Streaming on Netflix now.

The Ranch Season 3

If you have not watched this series yet, you are missing out way big time. Starring Ashton Kutcher along with Sam Elliot, Deborah Winger and Danny Masterson, The Ranch is hilarious. A comedy in every way. It’s downright cheeky and fun to watch this very dysfunctional but loving.

Okja – Neflix Original Movie

Starring Steven Yeun (Walking Dead) and Jake Gyllenhaal star in this incredible adventure about power, corruption, animals cruelty and the beauty in something we don’t yet understand. Okja is spellbinding and breathtaking, and will make you laugh and cry. 

You Get Me 

A suspensful drama about how one mistake can cost you everything, even in high school. A toss between The Crush and Fatal Attraction, one girl means to come between a boy and his girlfriend no matter what it costs. 

Those are just some of the great shows us ladies can kick back and enjoy, while sipping on some ice drinks this month. For more June highlights here’s a few more. Two shows I’m waiting in line to watch include The Between Season 2 (finally) and Moana is coming from Disney (fast like lightening) and I can’t wait to watch. 

What are you looking forward to watching this month on Netflix? 

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