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Kraft Peanut Butter #StoryTime

Kraft Peanut Butter is helping one family plan an unforgettable surprise for one special mom. Fans of heart-warming videos, take note. This beautiful video will have you sending messages to the ones you love in no time. Grab some Kleenex you are going to need it!

I’m a mom and watching this video reminds me of not just everything I do, but everything all moms do. Between work and life finding balance can be difficult and hard to achieve. Schedules are more jam-packed than ever and it’s important we reach out to the ones we love. That’s what this family does in in this real-life piece.

#StoryTime follows the family as they plan something truly special for mom. What begins as a documentary ends in a surprise event that reminds us all how important we are to each other. It is the latest installment in Kraft Peanut Butter’s #StickTogether campaign and leaves no dry-eyes. 

We love Kraft for making these videos and reminding us of the special things in life. It’s what makes Kraft one of the best brands out there, one my family will continue to use as the years go on. 

Who is important to you? Tell us who and why, we’d love to hear about it. 

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