5 Things That Make the Kobo Aura E-Reader H2O So Addictive

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Remember those things called books from way back before our eyes were glued to computer screens? I do, and I love to read. My problem is that I’m as blind as a bat which brings me to 5 Things That Make the Kobo Aura H20 so Addictive that I can’t put it down. 

1. It’s Waterproof


The Kobo Aura H20 is freaking waterproof! No really it is. That’s what the H20 stands for. You can actually take a bath and read underwater. Oh don’t kid yourself, you know you want to try reading under water. This handy little e-reader can handle depths up to 3 feet for 30 minutes. It’s pretty impressive. Plus it’s dust proof, sand proof, kid proof which means yes they can drop it in the toilet and you can still read. 

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2. Super Fast & Reliable

“Thin. Fast. 6.8 screen size perfect for the beach, on the go, on the train, anywhere you want. Dust and waterproof, expandable memory up to 32GB. What more could you want-”

I like the big 6.8″ display. It makes it easier on the eyes. 4 GB on board memory but wait for it >>> you can upgrade to 32 GB and basically own your own full sized library in pocket size. The only thing that would make it better is if the book covers were in color. 

3. Kobo + Pocket = Customization Options


The Kobo Aura H20 has up to 2 months battery life. No running out of time while you read which is super cool! Kobo also teamed up with Pocket so you can save all those articles you want read and read them later offline which is great for recipes, budgeting tips, or wacky fun articles that make you laugh. 

4. Just Pick A Font Size I Dare You! 

read anywhereCLASSICS

You can pick up to 10 fonts with crisp clear lettering and adjust the size of each font up to 24 different sizes. I read JUMBO words like a 4 year old and enjoy what I’m reading now.

5. Choose From A Bazillion Titles (What? It’s a Word)

kobo windows 10Kobo offers more than 5 million books online.  You can keep your library at your fingertips. Sync to your favorite books, while having a variety of ways to read which include apps for Windows, Android and iPhone along with your Aura H20.

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