Birth Related Injuries & Parents Rights

Nothing can prepare you for an injury sustained during the birth of your child except for information. We didn’t have such information when our youngest Trace was born. In fact, we knew nothing about birth related injuries or how they can affect you as a family and affect your child. I wish we had. 

When Trace was born, I knew immediately something was wrong. He was not thriving in the way a normal, healthy child would. He wasn’t eating right, didn’t move properly, and was struggling. It took us fifteen months to get answers as to what was wrong with him. We finally saw a neurologist – something that should have happened immediately, and we were told Trace had mild Cerebral Palsy due to a traumatic birth injury. 

Many parents know what to expect when expecting. They read the books, listen to their doctors, but many are not prepared for birth-related injuries, and like us are unaware of their rights as parents in these types of cases.  

A few months ago in Vancouver a press conference for Birth related injuries was held. Dr. Brad Bradshaw, and a law firm colleague Richard Parsons discussed preventable injuries and the course of action parents can take when tragedy strikes. Vancouver Birth Injury is a legal and medical team that serves all of BC to help families needing a lifetime of care and finances for a child injured at birth. 

I wish when got Trace’s diagnosis we had known about Dr. Bradshaw. He’s a licensed physician, surgeon and a lawyer who highly specializes in training preventable injuries, and has expanded his practice to Vancouver. He provides medical knowledge parents need in birth injury cases, helping them determine the needs of the child who was injured during birth, since many of these cases go un-reported (such as ours) because parents don’t know what their rights are. 


Parents have until  2 years before the child’s 19th birthday to put in a claim. We are now moving forward with seeing if there can be something more done for Trace as we did know this information existed until now. The press conference below is very informative. I urge you to watch it. 

You can visit to learn the facts about birth injury. Dr. Bradshaw has several locations throughout the U.S. and now Vancouver. His legal practices ensure families like ours get the help they need if something goes wrong and a birth related injury occurs. 


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