30th Anniversary Shark Week Sunglasses Are Super Cool!

Shark Week has become a national holiday at San Diego-based sunglass company Knockaround, and this year they are excited to launch 2018 Shark Week sunglasses. These are the 4th installment of their annual Shark Week in conjunction with Discovery. It’s Shark Week’s 30th Anniversary, the massively successful week-long program which is dedicated to the mysterious marine animals that have long been misunderstood, and Knockaround celebrates in style with these amazing cool shades!

Knockaround’s Shark Week glasses are absolutely amazing! My son who has special needs requires glasses to keep the light out, and these shades not only do the job build on Knockaround’s durable and high-quality Fort Knocks frame style, the 2018 Shark Week sunglasses feature a translucent breakwater blue frame with Great White jaw graphics all over it with silver hardware, and polarized predator red lenses.

Knockaround Shark Week Glasses Not Just For Kids!

My son loves his new Shark Week glasses. Each pair comes with a shark tooth microfiber protective pouch and Shark Week 30th anniversary commemorative packaging. I have to admit I was really impressed with these glasses and I would wear them myself. Knockaround Fort Knox frame is durable and sturdy and yet comfortable at the same time without sliding off your face, and the polarized red lenses keep bright light out and yet still manage for clarity.

A Great Cause!

$5 bucks from every $35 pair of sunglasses sold will be donated to Oceana from Knockaraound in their ongoing effort to protect the world’s oceans. Starting today, Wednesday, June 13th, the Shark Week sunglasses will be available for purchase on Knockaround.com. To date, Knockaround has donated over $30,000 to non-profit to help fun science-based ocean research. So don’t wait! Get your Shark Week glasses now!

I took a giggle at this promo with Shaquille O’Neal. Shark Week officially kicks off June 22nd on the Discovery channel, and if you haven’t ever seen it, you must watch! It’s eight days of shark-centric special that aim to educate people about the powerful predators of the sea while clearing up myths and misconceptions about these beautiful creatures.

“Partnering with a program as popular as Shark Week to create a unique, fun pair of shades is always a highlight of the year,” said Adam “Ace” Moyer, founder and CEO of Knockaround. “Naturally, as a company based less than a mile from the Pacific Ocean, we jump at the opportunity to help preserve the marine habitat we all share by donating to Oceana.”

Trace will proudly wear his Shark Week glasses and my husband is ordering a pair. We feel it’s important to educate our children about the ocean and environment and the creatures that live within it.

Matt Littlejohn, SVP Marketing & Communications for Oceana added “Sharks are critical for our seas and marine ecosystems but many species are in trouble and need help. We are grateful for Knockaround’s support of Oceana and our campaigns to help protect sharks and oceans around the world.”

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