KISS Tornado 360° 1875W Ionic Dryer + Giveaway

Being a former hairdresser, I’ve tried many different hair products and hair accessories and tools over the years. One of my biggest gripes has always been the infamous blow dryer because most conventional dryers shoot out heat in one direction and spot, leaving you to shake or move the dryer around your head. I don’t know about you but my arms get sore holding my dryer up and doing this to achieve even drying and fewer hot spots on your hair.

KISS Introduces The revolutionary Tornado 360° 1875W Ionic Dryer

When I first saw this dryer, I thought it didn’t appear any different than any other ordinary dryer you can purchase from any department store. But then I took a closer look and that’s when you see the differences. The KISS Tornado 360° dryer minimizes heat damage with the patent-pending 360-degree rotating booster.

Basically inside the dryer is a rotating fan that oscillates the air with rapid blowing, pushing it out in a more even way to help with drying and styling. Here are few benefits of using this great blow dryer.

Benefits & Features

  • Rotating Air Booster
  • Saves time drying hair faster
  • Provides even heat distribution, less spot heat damage
  • Dries area up to 4x larger than conventional dryers
  • No more shaking dryer to deliver comfortable drying experience
  • Patent-Pending 360° Rotating Air Booster generates a pulse within the airflow creating a revolving pattern to
  • uplift the hair and ensure complete drying with added root volume
  • Ceramic Tourmaline Technology – Allows for longer-lasting frizz-free results

KISS Tornado is extremely lightweight. I was surprised in fact as it looks and feels extremely durable in my hands but is not top heavy to hold. It has 3 temperature levels, including a cold setting which I absolutely love. The cold setting is great on this dryer if you are drying your fur babies after a bath or kids who cannot handle high heat. It has 2 airflow levels and comes with a bonus air concentrator for concentrated styling.The blow dryer is surprisingly inexpensive for how durable and awesome it is. You can pick it up for $34.96 and it’s available at Walmart Canada. I really love this product, so I want to share with you guys.  Get social with KISS on social media @kissproducts on Twitter and Instagram.

Disclosure- I received the above-mentioned product for my involvement in this campaign. All opinions are my own. No financial compensation was received.

70 thoughts on “KISS Tornado 360° 1875W Ionic Dryer + Giveaway”

  1. I love how it dries 3x faster & penetrates deep into the roots. Usually it takes a long time to blow-dry my hair because it’s thicker.

  2. Nancy J Montgomery

    I like the 360° Rotating Air Booster. With naturally straight hair, it often dries too flat and this would help avoid that problem.

  3. I love that you can change the air booster out for an air concentrator – great for getting my hair extra sleek!

  4. Love that it has Super Fast Hair Drying Action. My hair is fairly thick and with my current dryer it seems to take forever to dry it.

  5. I like the fast drying action, we have three girls with long hair in the house. We need it to dry as fast as possible!

  6. What make this one even better for the family is that is it Suitable for ALL hair types but also Six heat/speed combinations for precision styling a setting for all!!!

  7. I love that there is NO MORE SHAKING and 4X faster drying all at the same time. Will make drying my hair a breeze.

  8. Krista Embertson

    I have a repetitive strain injury with my wrist and would love something this light weight to use. The less shaking around I have to do to dry my hair the better. |I bought a stand for my hair dryer but it’s very awkward to use.

  9. I love that it protects from spot heat damage… the rotating air booster creates spiral airflow movements that evenly distributes heat and prevents the risk of spot heat damage

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