How To Improve Those Vintage Photos With KiiPix Smartphone Printer

There’s something about Instant cameras that make taking memories all that more special. I remember growing up and using my first one. The excitement I felt as that instant film was printed bringing to life the moment I had captured. Well, it’s no wonder today’s Smartphone Printers are more than just a nostalgic thing of the past.

What if I told you that today’s technology inside a smartphone camera far exceeds anything an instant camera can produce. That’s why smaller printers are being made with the film at half the cost so that people can point, shoot, and click to print directly from their cell phones.

Today many people use their smartphones to capture each moment of their lives to share on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. However, what if you want to keep a special image just for yourself? 

Maybe you want to scrapbook your memories. Share them friends in person. Put them on your fridge. Or just carry them around with you.

You would have to upload your photos and print them on a large printer you have hooked up to your computer and spend tons of money on ink, paper and let’s not forget the printer itself.

Seems like a lot to go through for a few pocket memories and keepsakes.

Introducing The KiiPix Smartphone Printer

The KiiPix Smartphone Printer is a one of a kind technological genius creation allowing you to print photographs straight from your smartphone manually without having to worry about batteries running out, endless wires connected to your computer, space for a large printer to dock, high priced film or quality of prints.

I was sent a KiiPix printer to try out and I have to tell you the KiiPix Smartphone Printer has a unique style and design that is incredibly put together in such a smart way, making it easy for anyone to use. That’s why I love it! 

Not only is the KiiPix Smartphone Printer easy to set up. You don’t don’t have to have computer skills or be a techie to get the KiiPix working. Which means even Nana and Papa can take a print or two to share and keep for themselves. 

Built from sturdy construction. The KiiPix isn’t flimsy or easy to break either. It’s durability makes it perfect to take with you on the go. If you don’t believe me, take a quick look at how KiiPix can work for you. 

Using the KiiPix Smartphone Printer is Fun & Easy

The above diagram shows just how easy the KiiPix Smartphone Printer truly is. 1.) Open the printer 2.) Place your smartphone on the photo bridge window above (facedown) press the shutter button. 3.) Roll out your film and then wait a few moments for the magic to happen. 

KiiPix Actually Takes Great Photos

Now I know you are saying how can the KiiPix take a great picture of a picture. It can because the KiiPix Smartphone Printer which snaps 3.4 x 2.1 inch instant prints using Fujifilm Instax film has a special calibration built into the printer to capture digital images.

The KiiPix can and will perform better than you expect.

A Printer Like This Must Cost A Lot? 

That’s the best part. The KiiPix Smartphone Printer is very inexpensive. You can purchase at Toys R Us, Walmart and various other retailers.

As for the film, Fujifilm has a great deal on right now through Amazon (3 packs of film) for $50 bucks, giving you 60 shots you can use for your crafting projects, a friend’s birthday, pop into someone’s stocking or just a thank you because it really is for everyone.

Even kids can operate this thing!

Final Words…

So now you know why I love the KiiPix Smartphone Printer. It’s not geared for just adults or kids but for everyone, and the best part is how easy it is to set up and take down. No batteries required. No cable cords. Just close it up and pop it into your bag or purse to take with you so that you always have a printer on the go. 

The KiiPix comes in three colors. Black. Light Dusty Blue and Pink and would make the perfect gift for someone you love! 

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