Kids Celebrate Computer Science With Microsoft

When I was a kid Science was one of my favorite subjects in schools. Learning how things worked, engaging in the changes of the world and possibilities of discovering something new. Science is something I think all kids and adults have a natural curiosity about. Well now Kids can celebrate Computer Science with Microsoft at these really awesome Coding Camps.

Microsoft’s Mission is to open doors to young people of all different backgrounds and let them try their hand at technology, learning new skills that are crucial to our digital transforming world. Microsoft hopes to engage young people by offering Coding Camps across Canada during Computer Science Education Week in support of Hour of Code, a global initiative led by

Camps are being held in various cities across Canada, such as Toronto and Vancouver. I think this is super cool. Kids who take part in Coding Camps can create and share their own Minecraft game using this amazing Minecraft Tutorial.


As a parent I applaud Microsoft’s goal. I also think Minecraft is great as it teaches problem-solving and critical thinking skills. My son plays it all the time, and he’s even trying to teach me. It’s not as easy as everyone thinks it is. You have to plan things out, think about things, search your environment and be able to manipulate  your space. I know that he is stoked to be going to Vancouver to take part in this Science Event being held at Microsoft Store all over. 


Microsoft has partnered with YouthSpark affiliate Kids Code Jeunesse whose goal is to inspire kids with code. Kids Code Jeunesse will host Hour of Code sessions on December 10th in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal where students can attend nd learn coding basics in a fun and supportive environment. 

Kids who can’t attend these Coding Camps can still get in on trying code out for themselves. Parents click on this link to let your kids try the Minecraft Tutorial out for yourself –

I love that companies like Microsoft are working with non-profits to support Computer Science Education for our younger generation. To learn more about Microsoft’s initiatives to deliver the benefits of computer science in schools, after school and Canada wide events. Visit their educational page here

Register your kids for this great event. I think it’s a fantastic way for kids to learn, grow and engage with not only one another but themselves as they dive into harnessing the power and skills technology has to offer. 

Parents if you want to follow this event look up the hashtag #HourOfCode or search @microsoftcanada and @KidsCoding on your social media channels to stay up to date on information regarding these great Code Camps. 

What was the first thing you learned about technology as a kid?

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