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Kellogg’s Tries to Reverse Hunger For School Kids

I’m super happy to be teaming up with Kellogg’s Canada for their #FeedingBetterDaysprogram to fight against kids going hungry in school. I created the video below to show that going to school on an empty stomach is extremely difficult. Kellogg’s Canada teamed up with Breakfast Clubs of Canada to donate a portion of the proceeds from every single box of cereal sold to their breakfast club partners.

Please take a moment to watch my video below. I’d really love it, too, if you could share it with your friends and family. It can help make a difference in a child’s life, giving them the essential food they need to start their day out right. If you buy a box of cereal or even donate to breakfast clubs, that’s so awesome!

Imagine being hungry not just for breakfast but everyday. I can’t. Here are some stats for you to look at to see how kids going hungry can impact their learning. I have to say I was pretty shocked at some of these stats. My son benefits from the breakfast program thanks to Kellogg’s #FeedingBetterDays helping those truly in need.

Disclosure: I was partnered with Kellogg’s and received some delicious cereal which my kids greatly enjoyed. In fact, the boxes are almost empty now. Thanks Kellogg’s. 

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