Kellogg’s Canada Gets You Back To School Ready

Both my boys are ready for back to school in two short days. One is excited. The other is nervous. One is going into grade five. The other is graduating. But both have the same issue when it comes to back to school and mornings in our house. Neither of them eat breakfast unless I force the issue. 

Kellogg’s Canada has some fantastic back to school snacks the boys love, and so do us parents. Perfect for morning breakfast, and for a teen who can’t stop long enough to grab a quick bite, and a grade schooler too excited to see his friends.

Fruit & Nut Medley Bars

Part of the Nutri-Grain family, Kellogg’s Canada introduces Fruit & Nut Medley Bars. Filled with real ingredients and perfect as a snack. Made with real fruit and nuts filled in clusters throughout a crispy puffed rice and whole grain gluten-free oats.

The bars come in two delicious favors: Orchard Cherries & Almonds and Harvest Blueberries & Mixed Nuts. Our school is a (nut-free) zone so my youngest can’t take them in his lunch. But my oldest can. Chewy and delicious, I love the nutty combined with fruit all strewn together. 

Rice Krispies Squares Brown Rice Bars

Kids love the ooey-gooey treats of Rice Krispies squares.  Well now those same delicious snacks with nutritional goodness come made in brown rice and are low in saturated fats, trans fats, and contain no artificial colors. I actually love them more than traditional Rice Krispies. Best part (for moms) is they provide 8g of whole grains per serving. 

Snacking is fun and easy with Kellogg’s. We love all their options and so do the boys, and I’m happy to see these newest editions added to their line-up for both back to school and anytime really. 

Do your kids eat breakfast before school?

I am part of the Kelloggers Ambassador Team and receive perks. All opinions are 100% my own. 

26 thoughts on “Kellogg’s Canada Gets You Back To School Ready”

  1. I am not looking forward to waking up early and worrying about what to pack for the kids making sure that they have balance food nutrients and making sure that there are no nuts in them.

  2. I’m looking forward to the routine that comes with back to school. Over the summer we lost any sense of a schedule so now we will be forced to have much more structure again.

  3. I am looking forward to hearing all the stories my Kindergartener will be sharing from school. Believe it or not, i’m not really looking forward to my little guy starting Kindergarten. I’m really nervous for Wednesday!

  4. I think I am looking forward to getting back into a routine. The Kids will be busy and will not be lazing around the house anymore!

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