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You see it all the time. Apartment buildings going up in flames because someone left their Christmas tree lights on. Or a pot burned on the stove while cooking a holiday feast. The holidays aren’t a time for accidents to happen. They are a time for joy and celebration. But in order to keep accidents from happening, there are a few things you need to do. 

Water Your Christmas Tree Often

Did you know a dry Christmas tree can burst into flames in seconds? That’s why it’s important you keep your tree watered on a consistent basis. Most fires during the holidays are caused by unwatered trees and electrical failures due to poor usage of lights both indoors and outdoors. 

Make Your Safety List & Check It Twice! 

The last thing you want to see is Firefighters putting out a fire in your home. Make a safety checklist and like the fat man in red, check it twice. Here a few things you should have on your list. 

  • Keep freshly cut Christmas trees well watered.
  • Check Christmas lights for breaks or twisted exposed wires and any loose connections.
  • Make sure your artificial trees are fire retardant.
  • Never keep or use candles near a Christmas tree. Never leave a candle burning unattended. 
  • Keep all flammable items one meter from space heaters. 
  • Never leave a space heater on and go to bed. Look for heaters with automatic shut off when tipped over. 
  • Sleep with your bedroom door closed because smoke can kill you before flames get near you. 
  • Keep a fire extinguisher close by and make sure everyone in your family knows how to use it. 
  • Have a family plan for different ways to get out of the home and a meetup place afterward. 

Make Sure You Have Working Smoke Alarms & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

The worst possible thing you can have is a smoke detector that doesn’t work. According to the Canadian National Fire Information Database, 80% of all fire deaths occur in homes without working smoke alarms, and most due to missing batteries or expired alarms. That is staggering to think about. 

Did you know that most people don’t sleep with the door closed? You might wonder why that is important. When a fire starts and begins to burn smoke often reaches those in the home before the fire does. Most people choke to death on carbon monoxide which is odorless before they can even get to safety. I find that quite alarming. 

first alert smoke detector

First Alert Smoke Detectors

I live in a small but cozy two bedroom apartment. We have one smoke detector hardwired near the front door. The person across the hall from us burnt something while cooking and smoke filled the hallway. The smoke alarm for the building went off but the detector inside my apartment failed. What if the fire had started inside my apartment? I don’t even want to think about what could happen. 

That’s why hubby and I don’t take any chances. We picked up a couple of First Alerts 10-year smoke detectors. They are perfect because they have a 10-year lithium battery that never has to be changed. I don’t know about you but I love stuff that is no hassle to install, and First Alert has you covered.

It’s important to place your smoke alarms outside each bedroom and in the hall. I love that First Alert Smoke Detectors are 10-year no nuisance lifetime alarms allowing you to place them wherever you need without the hassle of worrying about changing the batteries. 

First Alert Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide is one of the worst poisonous gasses because it goes undetected. It can kill you in under three minutes.  It’s invisible, odorless and colorless. CO is produced when using fuel-burning devices such as gas heaters, stoves, even your vehicles.  

In Canada there are more than 300 deaths each year due to carbon monoxide poisoning and 40% of homes do not have CO detectors installed. I know we didn’t. Until now! 

Along with smoke alarms that last forever, First Alert also has 10-year carbon monoxide alarms for your home. You should place one inside each bedroom. I love the one we got from First Alert because not only does the battery last forever but it’s quite stylish and can sit on a tabletop, nightstand or dresser, displaying the temperature. It will also alarm us if the CO levels get too high, maybe even saving our lives. 

It’s important we enjoy the holidays but it’s also important that we stay safe. That means taking care of our Christmas trees, checking the connections to our lights and making sure our smoke detectors work properly.

I don’t know about you but I feel much safer knowing I have alarms in my home to alert us of possible danger. It means I can go to sleep at night and dream of sugarplums and reindeers

Happy Holidays! 

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