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Is Your Pet Thirsty All The Time?

With the heat of summer still blazing away, and pet owners leery about leaving their fubabies in hot cars. You would think that the knowledge of keeping your pet hydrated would come naturally. However a survey commissioned by PetSafe® Finds Nearly Half of Pet Owners Do Not Recognize When Dehydration Looms for their animals. Drinkwell can help your pets stay hydrated during the summer. 

Meet Harley and Oreo. These are my furbabies, and they drink on average at least five stainless bowls of water per day (combined).  We are constantly filling their bowls up with cold, fresh water.

I don’t use tap water only bottled. However I had been wishing for some kind of water filtration system to help my lovelies stay hydrated, happy and healthy all day long.

66 percent of Canadians are unaware that lethargy or lack of energy indicated dehydration. As the humidex warning become more frequent, providing ample water to our furry friends is critical. I know how dehydrated I get, so I can only imagine how Harley and Oreo feel during the day when the temperature rises.

Did you know that cats require 300 ml of water per day? Dogs require 600ml. Depending on the animal’s size, most animals drink 70ml per kilogram.

Keep Your Pets Hydrated With Drinkwell Pagoda Porcelain Fountain

2488petsafefountainPetSafe® offers a number of products to help Canadians keep their pets from feeling parched. Indoor and outdoor water fountains serve as the perfect method to continually provide fresh water during summer months. These amazing pet fountains focus on providing clean, filtered water to your animals

For example, the Drinkwell® Pagoda Pet Fountain provides 2 litres of fresh, filtered water in a ceramic design, free flowing to encourage your pets to drink more.

I know Oreo and Harley love their fountain. Now they can drink as much as they want without me forgetting to fill it constantly and if their water habits change, they get a continuous flow so I know they will stay hydrated not just through the summer but each and every day, and that’s important!

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