Jordan Peele’s Movie “Us” Creates A Whole New Boogeyman To Fear!

One of the scariest movie trailers I’ve ever seen. I cannot wait to see this movie!

Remember the scary “sunken place” from Jordan Peele’s movie GET OUT? Well, sit tight because if you thought that was frightening, it isn’t anything compared to his new movie US set to terrify you to the core of your being.

You may have missed the trailer which came out Christmas Day featuring the Wilson’s, an African American family on summer holidays.

Adelaide played by one of my favorite actresses (Lupita Nyong’o) and Gabe (Winston Duke) are two parents fighting to protect their family from a group of strangers that have descended upon their home.

At the beginning of the trailer, we see a family kicking back and listening to a groovy tune while heading out for vacation (Luniz’s “I Got 5 On It.”) which is a cool song but has a bit of a sinister score to it.

Later on at the beach, Adelaide keeps having a strange feeling that something bad is going to happen and she’s right.

Mom should always listen to that inner voice inside of them.

Further on, that night as the family is getting ready for bed, a group of what appears to be strangers is standing in their driveway.

These uber-creepy figures dressed in what looks like prison jumpsuits are otherwise known as the Tethered” which if you look up the words meaning it makes complete sense as to why Peele decided to call them that.

They are basically the Wilson’s Doppelgänger’s, and if you think about it, you can see from the trailer how utterly terrifying this concept is and how brilliant!

→ But who is the Tethered really?

→ Why are they attacking the Wilson’s?

→ What do they want?

These are the questions Peele makes us ask as we anxiously wait for answers. He’s a master horror manipulator, creating films that are filled with extreme symbolism and meaning with every turn his characters take, such as the Wilson’s (this loving family) who end up fighting against themselves for survival.

“They look exactly like us. They think like us. They know exactly where we are. They won’t stop until they kill us, or we kill them.

Can you freaking imagine?

Jordan Peele is an utter genius in my mind, crafting a unique and terrifying story that draws us into a world where we have to face our own duality.

The Tethered Concept is Amazing! — we are our own worst enemy and in knowing this, Peele creates a monster, unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

I love movies that not only take me to a different place where I can explore things about myself I never realized, but that introduces strong lead characters that are so versatile I can’t keep my eyes off them. Just watching the trailer has me covering my eyes, and yet wanting to see what happens at the same time while my heart beats out of my chest.

And for me, that is so much fun.

US pits the Wilson’s against themselves where they will have to face the worst parts of who they are in order to survive. Not just mentally, but physically they will be challenged to face their truest fears where their counterparts not only know everything about them, but sub-consciously will have a few tricks up their sleeve they haven’t even thought of.

Because let’s face it, it takes a strong person to recognize the ugliness that lies within them. That is what Peele forces us to face. Our truest worst nature in the making. And that is just crazy!

Watch the trailer now…

How about you? Will you go and see the movie “Us”? What’s your favorite scary movie of all time?

Us is set to hit theaters March 15th. Go and see it. You won’t be disappointed.

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