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Join Me and Thomas The Tank Engine As We Grow Our Mo’s #Movember

2015-11-02 20.00.06I hate shaving, and I mean hate it. No facial hair makes me feel naked as a jaybird. So the fact you are seeing my face clean shaven can only mean one thing. It’s the month of November and time to celebrate men everywhere. Many men with upper lip ticklers have become sex symbols over time. Burt Reynolds, Denzel Washington, John Travolta and let’s not forget Mr. Magnum P.I. himself, Tom Selleck. Thank God, my wife likes my face with hair on it. But she’s understanding because it’s Movember time! 

movember_letterhead copyThis year I joined Team Thomas as part of the Movember Foundation. I’m 44 years old and had my prostate checked this year and my wife has informed me that when it comes to men’s health, we (as in all us men) need to take responsibility, not just for our well-being physically but our general health in every aspect. It won’t take my stash long to grow which I’m grateful for, and I couldn’t think of a better cause to support being facially naked than a cause like Movember. 

The Movember Foundation


The Movember Foundation has raised over $677 million in support of over 1000 programs globally to support men’s health. We know that Movember focuses on prostate cancer and testicular cancer. But did you know that Movember makes movements globally to help men with their mental and physical health as well? I think that is so very important as mental health is often overlooked when it comes to men. Like it’s taboo to talk about it, and Movember is making it possible to help men speak out and take control of their mental well-being along with their physical inactivity.


downloadThis month I will be part of Team Thomas (yes that famous blue little engine) Thomas The Tank, and together we are going to try to grow our MO’s for this wonderful cause. I would greatly appreciate your support which you can do so here. Drop me a message, view my activity as I’m also taking part in the Move in Movember Challenge, along with my wife Jodi, to get more physically fit in this month.

Why Are Your Contributions Are Important?

Aside from the fact that Movember and the Movember Foundation is a good cause, something you can take pride in for supporting. You can donate using Visa Checkout (totally FREE) btw and by doing so Visa will tack on an extra $10 to your donation. Plus each time you donate you are entered to win a trip for 4 to the 2015 NHL Winter Classic in Boston. Come on don’t tell me that doesn’t sound like a great trip to win!

Wait… There’s More!

Sign up to Move this Movember and get a 4-week membership at Goodlife Fitness for the month of Movember. I know working out isn’t always the easiest thing for everyone, but sometimes having a push, like a free try out gives you the motivation you need to get moving yourself. 

My boys love Thomas The Tank Engine, my youngest Trace can’t wait to see both Daddy and Thomas grow their Mo’s this month. It’s going to be very exciting. For a bonus, our readers here at Rants n’ Rascals are going to have a chance to win this great giveaway for Thomas & Friends Take and Play Daring Dragon Drop.


A large Take-n-Play™ playset that lets kids play out adventures with Thomas on Dragon Island!Features include an “erupting” volcano, a zip-lining dragon and lights and sounds! Includes Die-Cast Thomas engine. Easily folds up for storage and portability.
Thrilling adventure awaits Thomas on Dragon Island! When Thomas finds a shield on Misty Island, it inspires him to bravely seek out the legendary dragon on Dragon Island. As Thomas rides along the track from Misty Island to Dragon Island, the volcano erupts and he must escape! He rides up the ramp right onto the dragon bridge. Can Thomas zip-line safely back to Misty Island?
This large playset easily folds up for storage and portability and includes die-cast metal Thomas, volcano with “erupting” feature, dragon bridge with zip-line, bridge track, loop of track. Exciting lights and sounds add to the fun!
• Includes Die-Cast Thomas engine
• Bridge Track that unlocks with special key
• Volcano “eruption” feature with lights and sounds
• Zip-lining dragon with roaring sound
• Loop of track
• Large playset easily folds up for storage and portability.

Come back and witness my stash growing. It should be fun. I will have more updates and news as I get going. I will also share other great ways we can all participate in Movember! – FOLLOW COREY’S MO

How Do You Support Movember?

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