I’m In Love With Joico Hair Shake Finishing Spray

When it comes to my hair I’m always changing, playing, cutting and coloring. So my hair take a beating, which means when it comes to hair products, I look for products that protect my hair. One of my favorite products this year I want to share is Joico Hair Shake Texturizer Finishing Spray

You will see a radical difference the moment you shake the Joico Hair Shake bottle. There’s a stainless steel ball Joico has tucked inside and it begins to work its magic. It turns the hair shake liquid to powder to immediately texturize the hair with a fine mist that provides touchable, velvety-soft (and yes it’s not sticky but soft) finish. You can layer, scrunch, play and go. Plus it provides the protection my hair needs. 

I tested out the Joico Hair Shake after giving myself a short pixie style haircut (yes I cut my own hair) and although I loved the cut without any product, it was limp and lifeless. I wanted to add some sassiness to my hair. So I waited until my hair was almost dry. Grabbing the bottle of hair shake,

I shook it well and sprayed five shots all around my head, including my bangs, and then I used my fingers to style and play with my hair. Nothing else — no curling iron, no flat iron, no blow dryer. Just hair shake and go! 

I absolutely love how easy it is for my to style my hair using Joico Hair Shake. You can see the difference immediately in the before and after photos. 

Hair Shake is great for any hair type, texture, color and especially stands out with cuts like mine (pixie) that need texture boost. Another great thing is it doesn’t weigh your hair down like many finishing sprays. You can use it after blow-drying, or grab it for instant oomph! 

Tip: Do not use hair shake on wet hair or it will feel sticky. 

You can pick up some Joico Hair Shake at Chatters or other selected salons that carry Joico products. Hair Shake retails for around $20.00 and believe me it’s totally worth it! 


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