Is Vaping Safe For You?

It’s a question that is still being discussed by health professionals, individuals and government officials in order to determine whether or not vaping is okay and why consumers believe it is better than smoking cigarettes. 

So what exactly is vaping? 

Vaping – The use of an electronic cigarette that produces vaper (not smoke) without the combination of tobacco and chemicals used in traditional cigarettes known to cause harmful side effects and disease including cancer. Vaping uses a variety of e-juice or liquids that have an array of flavors consumers enjoy, such as strawberry, banana, watermelon and no lasting side-effects proven to date by any health officials.

Is Vaping Safer Than Smoking?

Now that’s based on opinion. The Government of Canada is cracking down on those vaping in public areas, which as a vaper myself I don’t mind. I never believed as a smoker that I should be smoking in a restaurant where people eat, or anywhere that someone doesn’t want it.

However that being said. I started smoking at 13 years old, and have continued the disgusting habit because I’m addicted to the nicotine and various other chemicals produced in tobacco cigarettes. Or at least I was, until now. I’m 42 and ever since I started vaping, I finally found something to help me cut back and quit.

The FDA, Health Canada, Doctors and The Tobacco Industry state vaping is not safe. But it doesn’t take a genius to realize that with vaping becoming a 2 billion dollar industry, why their interests (loss of money for health aids, tobacco, government taxes) would be better vested against vaping

Here’s What I Know:

My mom just had open heart surgery for the second time. They cracked open her chest, took her heart out, cut open her leg, took an artery from it, cut it into three and then replaced the damaged arteries preventing her heart from pumping. Why? Because my mom started smoking at the age of 12. Mom is now 62 years old and has smoked the majority of her life.

Tobacco and other harmful chemicals clog the arteries sticking to it like gum. Smoking is what led to my mother’s heart disease and two surgeries on her heart in a 12 year span.

If they are going to bannvaping they might as well bann fog machines at Halloween.

— David Heitz

People have been vaping for over 30 years and nobody has had open heart surgery due to vaping, lung disease, cancer, hardening of the arteries or anything else. With vaping you can choose to have small traces of nicotine in it or plain juice. 

This last time my mom’s heart attack happened, she knew she had to quit smoking. It’s not as easy as everyone thinks. So she decided to try vaping. She figured it couldn’t kill her or hurt her any further than cigarettes were which contain over 450 chemicals and has been tested and known to kill and cause cancer and heart disease, heart attacks and fatalities. She tried the patch, the gum, candies, medication, hypnosis–you name it, she tried it and nothing ever made her quit smoking.

Until Vaping… 

Today my mom is 10 months smoke free. She vapes very little and uses small amount of nicotine and her goal is to eventually stop vaping period. At the hospital her cardiologist was amazed by how quickly she quit, and told her if it works then do it.

The vapors (e-juice) she uses contain only natural ingredients in them used for making candy. (know where you get your e-juice from) and what’s in it. 

So Is Vaping Really Safe?

Do the research before you make up your mind. Remember those wanting to bann vaping stand to loose a good stake in money gained from both smoking and quitting.

What I can tell you is that my mom quit smoking and that vaping saved her life. I just started vaping myself and my goal is to quit smoking period. 

Government officials and health professionals will tell you nicotine is nicotine and should not be consumed period. They’re right, nicotine is bad for you, but they are losing sight of the fact we’re talking about quantity here. Don’t eat a tomato or other foods containing nicotine then. 

In no way do I endorse anyone to try vaping if you don’t smoke. Why bother? But if you are like me and millions of others who put ourselves at risk every time we take a drag off a cigarette, vaping is an alternative. It can’t be worse than using drugs, nicotine patches that go straight to the blood stream, gum with high doses of nicotine in them or smoking cigarettes themselves.

Vaping is giving my mom a second chance at life, having her quit a habit she’s had for over forty years. So is vaping safe for you? I believe it is and the reason to me is simple.

All these doctors, professional trying to bann vaping because they state it is so utterly harmful, why are they not banning tobacco or cigarettes then? Because it runs the risk of them losing their bottom line – MONEY!

Disclosure: I am not a doctor, I do not endorse e-cigarettes or smoking. I’m sharing my opinion on a topic of interest and appreciate all comments you have. Thanks for reading…