The Iron Giant A Classic Tale

The first time I saw the Iron Giant, I fell in love with the movie. It’s not some spectacular graphically enhanced animated movie, but it has charm and charisma with characters that come alive, engage, make you think and more. And it’s on Netflix right now for you to enjoy with your kids. 

It came out the year my son was born. 1999 and it was amazing! With government conspiracies, action, adventure, plus some extremely funny moments, the movie takes you on an epic journey of friendship between a boy and a giant. 

Heartfelt and emotional, The Iron Giant features a typical boy named Hogarth who is a bit adventurous and discovers an Iron Giant living in the woods outside his hometown. Of course, he’s on cloud 9 having his very own robot, however, Hogarth is aware there are those that want to destroy what they don’t understand. This takes us on a great journey as one boy tries to break through the ignorance of others where War and Destruction are concerned. 

The Iron Giant has an all-star cast that includes: Harry Connick Jr. as (Dean) Eli Marienthal (Hogarth), Jennifer Aniston (Hogarths Mom) and Vin Diesel as (The Iron Giant)

The scene above makes me giggle hard. Harry Connick Jr. is perfect as Dean, a guy whose laid back, runs a junk yard, acts like a bit of a hardass, but has the biggest heart when it comes to Hogarth and his mom. He’s the first friend Hogarth confides in about the giant. 

the one thing I love about this movie isn’t just the characters, but the story itself. It’s more than just a boy meeting a giant. It’s the fundamental issue we are all plagued with today as Hogarth tells the giant “You can be who you want to be, make the choices you want to make” and don’t have to be something just because that’s the way you think things are. 

The Iron Giant is a great movie for kids and adults. One the entire family can enjoy. So grab some popcorn, the kids and sit down to take part in this amazing film. You won’t regret enjoying this featured classic that has become an iconic movie kids will remember for years to come. 

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