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The Irish Fairy Door Brings Fantasy To Life

I love doing reviews. Why? Because you come across the coolest, neatest, adorably fun + creative products being sold in our shopping market. And today I’m going to tell you about one such product called the Irish Fairy Door. 

Now when I first saw this online, I actually felt like clapping my hands with glee. Real life, jump up and down, omg no they didn’t but they did kinda happiness. The Irish Fairy Door is possibly too cute for words, and they’ve created such a unique and wonderful — magical even fairy door where the possibilities for imagination are endless. 



I believe. I believe that this is the greatest gift you could give a child. A gift of using their imagination, giving them something special to believe in, and I love how this isn’t just for girls. It’s for boys, too. Wait? Boys who believe in fairies? Sure, why not. 

The Irish Fairy Door comes straight from Dublin, Ireland set to inspire and bring forth fairy doors for children of all ages.  In fact the Irish Fairy Door company has relocated more than 500,000 fairies both inside the classrooms, gardens, home, woods and across the globes. 


The Irish Fairy Door comes in a variety of colors to choose from. Red, Green, Pink, Yellow, Purple and Blue. Plus it comes with a variety of accessories because all fairy gardens, play areas and woodland entrance ways are different.

The fairy accessories are super cute. You can buy a bridge, a bike, pottery planter, even a plate for cookies for your fairies. Anything to help decorate your fairy center or corner, along with wall art and various other specialty items. 

When you visit The Irish Fairy Door you will be taken into a whole new world. There you can register your fairy, choose a fairy name and even explore Fairy Valley where there are tons of surprises. This is a great way to help bring your fairy to life.

All the items at The Irish Fairy Door are inexpensive. Accessories cost around $4.99 and the doors themselves you can buy in a kit $39.99 which comes with registration scroll and the door and more goodies inside. You can order online at The Irish Fairy Door website. 

Note: Orders over €50 ship worldwide free

  • Ireland – allow approximately 3-5 working days
  • UK & Europe – allow approximately 5-9 working days
  • Rest of World – Delivery times can vary depending on the destination. Check with us for specific orders.


The Irish Fairy Door is always offering something new to add to your fairy garden. This would make a great gift for someone you love. They also have an app you can download for more Fairy goodies. 

Who would you buy and Irish Fairy Door for? 


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