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Introducing Trace Talk TV: Youtube Reviews

When I started out doing product reviews, of course, I did quite a few products for children, being I was a mom. My youngest son Trace jumped right into the mix of helping mommy explore new toys, games, videos and more. So when he came to me this week asking if he could have his own YouTube Channel to showcase the reviews he’s done and upcoming reviews he wishes to share. How could I say no?

Introducing Trace Talk – TV Channel for Kids

Trace Talk is where my son Trace shares video reviews on all the products he loves using. Everything from Zoku Pop Makers to the latest Halo video games, Minecraft and all the latest toys and gadgets that interest him. Here’s a sneak peek at one of his reviews.

Trace is stoked to share all his videos and he needs subscribers. So please take a moment to visit his channel and give him some love. You can also find TraceTalk on FB at

Stay tuned for upcoming kid tv reviews from TT coming soon!

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