Fujifilm Instax Mini 70

Instax by Fujifilm are some of favorite cameras. Not only because they take automatic photos you can hold in your hands within moments. But the Instax cameras are adorable, on the go cameras you can fit in the palms of your hands to take shot after shot of memories you can immediately share and enjoy!  Introducing the Instax Mini 70 Picture Perfect!

“Selfies” Done Right!

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The Instax comes with a small mirror on the right hand side so you can see yourself when taking selfies.

With a sleek design, The Instax Mini 70 has a retro look I just love. It’s simple to use for any age category and the price is right. You can pick it up at Best Buy right now $35 bucks off the original $89 price tag. Not a bad price even without the discount. One of the best features on the Instax is the “selfie mode”

2015-12-18 16.51.26

I look awful in this photo but I love that the Instax takes selfies. The mirror is beside the lens allowing you to check the framing so you can achieve the best angle For group shots just turn the camera horizontally and point and shoot — that’s it!

Automatic Exposure Control

2015-12-18 16.51.46

The automatic exposure on the Instax Mini 70 allows you to capture the subject and background with clarity. It’s super easy by just pushing on the shutter button and the camera will automatically detect the amount of light surrounding the subject and adjust the shutter speed and flash. No difficult buttons to push. No categories to set up. All photos have a natural light to them making the photos look real in a way some digital photos can’t.

Self Timer and H-Key Mode

2015-12-18 16.51.58

The Instax isn’t just a one button push camera. It does have some bells and whistles such as the “Self Timer” mode allowing you take group shots with a snap. You can set up the self-timer mode for single or multiple shots. The camera automatically will snap the second photograph once the first has finished. Image a photo booth. This is great for copies to give to friends and family.  And the H-key mode brightens your photos in a way that captures real light, color and clarity.

This Small Camera Packs A Big Punch

2015-12-18 16.51.35Macro Mode: I love how the Instax fits in my hand. Another great feature of the Instax is macro mode. Important to many users, macro mode gets clear sharp photos at a minimum distance of 30cm to 60cm from your subject. So now you can take great photos of your pets and flowers.

10349950_10153762196850499_8736308952030027008_nLandscape Mode: Step back and get the big picture with the “Landscape” mode. In some occasions you need to take a wider shot and landscape mode allows for this. It helps create the right lighting and exposure for your scenery.

Fill in Flash: The Instax Mini 70 has “fill in flash” a feature that allows you to take more detailed photographs of your friends and family against a bright background without blurring out faces or shapes. This is a great mode for beaches, night shots, holiday light backgrounds.

Check out the Instax Mini 70 and all Fujifilm Cameras at www.fujifilm.com and make sure you follow them on Facebook and Twitter for the latest and greatest for all your photography needs.

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