INNOTAB® MAX makes learning FUN!

by Jodi Shaw
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My son Trace is 8 years old and loves anything electronic. He loves playing on cell phones, tablets, video games. I watch as he learns new and unique skills such as: how to draw, letters, numbers, reading, strategy, coping, puzzles and various other skills using these devices. One thing I realized though was most of the devices we let him use are built for adults.

They do have apps for kids which I of course download, but I sat wishing there was a device only he could use. Something with parental controls so I wasn’t worried about him coming across something he shouldn’t online. That’s when I saw a trusted brand in toys we’ve used for years VTech has created INNOTAB® MAX –  a tablet built just for kids!

INNOTAB® MAX offers as the video says the best of both worlds. It’s a learning tablet but also runs on Android so I can still download all my son’s favorite games and apps he can use to learn, play and have fun.

The INNOTAB® MAX comes with something called Learning Lodge with over 650 + educational apps for kids to learn. These aren’t just straight learning apps. These are fun and interactive games designed to teach a variety of lessons my son is already learning in school. Things like Math, Reading, Socials, Science, English and oh yeah HOW TO HAVE FUN!

I love that INNOTAB® MAX is also geared for age specific kids. Trace is 8 as I said but the INNOTAB® MAX is built for kids ages 3 to 9 years old. It comes with a soft flip cover to help protect the tablet. But it can also be removed to give older kids a more adult feel so they don’t think they are using as Trace would put it “A device for babies” VTech really has gone and thought of everything.

The INNOTAB® MAX has all the features a regular adult tablet would have. In fact it has 40GB of expandable storage which neither my Kindle nor iPad have built-in. So kids don’t have to worry about deleting their favorite apps while using them. With HDMI ports kids can share photos and videos they take online for family and friends.

OH yeah I forgot to mention the tablet comes with a camera that takes pics and videos, again another bonus for kids. INNOTAB® MAX is Wi-Fi certified so you can take it with you when you travel and use it in doctor’s offices, waiting for a bus or train. You name it if there’s a  hotspot your kids are in business! 

We love the INNOTAB® MAX and I’m giving it my best rated for toys this years for 2014.  It’s engaging and fun, great for kids to learn how to be responsible online, teaches them important learning lessons and is controlled by one of the fastest growing online communities ANDROID.

The INNOTAB® MAX can be purchased at various retailers, including Toys R Us, Best Buy, Future Shop, Superstore, London Drugs and more. It retails for a very reasonable price $119.99 which is extremely inexpensive when you compare tablet prices and how the Vtech’s INNOTAB® MAX gives your child everything he/she needs. 



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