Indulge Your Senses with Lampe Berger Paris


Did you know that Canadians spend almost 90% of their time indoors, whether it’s at work or home? With fall around the corner and nothing but rain the past two week. It’s important to my family that we breath fresh smelling air.  Living with mold these past several years, I hated keeping the windows shut when winter rolled around as it often breeds not only mold but leaves the air smelling stagnant and unclean. Sure, I can pull out the plug-ins and air fresheners but they only mask musty odors and do nothing to help purify the air.

This year we are in a new home and I’m super excited now that winter is here, because my home smells wonderful thanks to Lampe Berger Paris Fragrance System. They create amazing glass lamp canisters that house scented fragrance fuel. Each lamp is unique and helps purify the air along with making it smell great! 

I was sent the Ellipse lamp in white + 500ml Gourmandises de Provence (Province Treats) home fragrance.  The lamp is beautifully decorative, mouth blown glass that showcases elegance. The home fragrance smells like Christmas, fresh fruits, nuts, biscuits absolutely divine! 

Using the system is pretty simple. You take off the lids and wick, add the fuel fragrance to the lamp (they provide) a funnel so you don’t drip. Put the metal cap on and wait 20 minutes for the fuel to soak into the wick. Then simply light the lamp and blow it out, putting the diffuser on top.  Sit back, relax and allow your senses to swirl as your home is filled with an utterly wonderful smell. 

Lampe Berger Paris Fragrance System is perfect for your home. It removes bad odors using the catalytic burner and heat. The burner adds a wonderful fragrance and the technology overall improves the quality of air in your home without masking it. We love it!

It’s recommended to only burn the lamp for no more than 20 minutes per day. When you are done simply put the metal lid on your lamp for next time. This also prevents the fragrance fuel from disappearing. I’m looking forward to our first Christmas in our new home and welcoming my guests with my Lamp and the scent of clean air that smells deliciously pleasing. 

Box Sets

Lampe Berger Paris has amazing box sets for those wanting to give a gift for the holidays, someone’s birthday, or for you to try out yourself. My favorite is the Pomme Box Set in Red. It’s truly gorgeous and adds just the right touch of color to any home. 

Lampe Berger Paris is available at a variety of stores and shops, including: Khaya Eclectic Decor & Gifts in Duncan, Dig This in Nanaimo, The Doorway in Trail and Giftworks in North Vancouver along with more locations scattered across Canada, including  six locations right where I live here in the Fraser Valley. I’m super stoked about that because now I can pick up different lamps to collect and decorate my home, having them readily available is a big plus for me!



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