Indoor picnic table designs

We recently moved into a new unit in our townhouse complex end of November, which made us very very happy.  Downsizing from a four-bedroom to three bedroom however was a bit challenging. I threw out a lot of stuff, donated stuff, gave things away and basically wanted to start from scratch.  I also knew I wanted to decorate this place a bit differently than in the past.  One thing we really needed was a dining table.  We had nothing.  We are a family of four and needed something that we could not only eat at but entertain with.  That’s when I decided to bring my old wooden picnic table inside.

Now okay, I know you’re thinking ummmmmmmm Jodi a picnic table is for outdoor use only.  Well that’s where you are wrong. In fact more and more it’s becoming trendy to use picnic tables indoor.  Not only because picnic tables are functional but they are easy to clean and great space savers, which we need since our dining room is so small.  Just one problem, my table was so old…

My old picnic table


My Table definitely needed some love.  However on a limited budget I had no idea how I could make it look better. We bought some cushions for it, red and brown as most of the accents in my home are red, at the dollar store. Still I couldn’t stand looking at. So I decided to spruce it up a bit.  That’s when hubs and I headed to two different stores. Canadian Tire for paint and Ikea for some decorations.

My mom suggested I paint the white to make it and the accent colors on it pop.  We got a high-gloss white acrylic paint for less than forty bucks a gallon.  I gave the table a rough sanding, but due to it’s age (being it’s over 30 years old) I liked the idea of all the original imperfections standing out.

Our New Table

I love how it turned out.  Mom was definitely right. White was a great idea.  Hubby picked out a red table running and black round place mats that are easy to wipe clean which is important when you have kids.  We picked up the white lace vase and put a red candle in it from Ikea and the small red lantern which houses a small tea-light candle.

All in all this is a great place for us to eat, entertain, have coffee with friends and family.  In a few months the cushions are going to be replaced with red bench cushions (long) made out of memory foam and will attach using velcro to the bench. We having them made for the table from the Foam Shop, and we plan on placing a cut and beveled piece of glass on top to making cleaning the table much easier.

My favorite thing: The Fact the table seats eight, four on each side comfortably, ten if we add our wicker chairs to the ends.  No chairs for the kids to move around, and it’s a great space saver!

Products we Purchased from Ikea

So our total budget spent to redo our picnic table and make it brighter, more inviting and friendly.  $40 paint and brushes.  $35 taxes in from Ikea.  For a total of $75 bucks which is great!

Have you ever redone anything on budget? Share it below…